Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daley & Shiller Cut Ribbon At Fred Woods Home On Beacon

From ABC7:
A new $2 million home for the homeless who are living with HIV and/or AIDS opened Saturday on Chicago's North Side.

Mayor Daley, joined by 46th Ward Alderman Helen Shiller, cut a ribbon to officially open the Chicago House Fred Woods home (in the 4600 block of Beacon), equipped with two computer rooms for residents and their children. In addition to offering living quarters, the home will provide tutoring and after-school programs.

In 1992, Mayor Daley also opened a Chicago House residence that was the first in the Midwest for people with AIDS.

Update: A reader sends us a photo of the Fred Woods Home as seen today. The section on the left is the new addition christened yesterday by Mayor Daley and Ald. Shiller.


  1. That explains the news vans and unmarkeds.

  2. 20 years ago neighbors would be up-in-arms about a AIDS homeless shelter popping up on a residential street.

    Now they bitch and moan about regular old homeless people, without AIDS, moving into the neighborhood instead.

    My.... how times hove changed.

  3. In 1985, the group incorporated, sought tax-exempt status, and applied for their first grant from the city of Chicago. Through hundreds of fundraisers, including garage sales, pie tosses and drag shows—”far too many drag shows,” {Thom} Dombkowski said, laughing—Chicago House earned the funds to open its first residence, Bonaventure House.

    The stigma of HIV/AIDS threatened their efforts. “No one wanted to have the AIDS house in their neighborhood,” said Dombowski.

    Source/Read more.

  4. From the picture, this looks to be a 6-Flat. If so, the per unit price would be $333,333.00.

    How is it that the Chicago House board (most of whom probably live in Lakeview) were able to find a building in a neighborhood not in their backyard, buy it for $333,333.00 per unit, offer tutoring, yada, yada, yada, but the Alderman of the same ward must build Wilson Yard housing at 146,000.00 more per unit because she "can't find suitable existing housing" to work with?

    Ald. Shiller still gets credit for this Chicago House housing with the press. Maybe the Chicago House board should have been enlisted when Helen was determined to build the Wilson Yard housing.

    I guess then Shiller and Daley wouldn't have had all those hundreds of thousands of campaign donations from Holsten et. al.

  5. Will this depreciate the value of other homes on this street? We're looking to buy next door...

  6. I've been on the block since early summer, they've been nothing but good neighbors. The yard is always kept, the walks are always shoveled. Ive never seen the cops out front- or any other commotion for that matter. I couldn't imagine it having much effect on your PV.

    To Zesty's point, I think theres at least 9 units between the 2 buildings. That means they were able to do it for about $225k per unit. Much less than what Mr. Holsten is constructing.

  7. This post should be taken down immediately. It is taking away peoples right to privacy. Exploiting the homeless and now people with HIV and/or AIDS.

  8. Uh, Uptown girl - this post is originally from a news clip at ABC7. Are you going to ask them to remove their story too? Guess you should call Shiller and Daley and tell them they shouldn't have participated in the ribbon cutting as well.

    No one is being exploited here. Give us a break.

  9. Miss kitty-

    The ABC 7 article did not post a photo of the building or give out the address of where the residents live.

    I don't have a problem with the article itself. Posting a picture of the building and giving the address out so everyone can know where they live is EXPLOITIVE.

    There is your frickin break!

  10. Although an exact address was not posted, I semi-see your point. However, I doubt the intent to post this was to exploit anyone. It was in the news and in the neighborhood, so UU was just shedding light on some "good" taking place in this wacky ward.

    I actually think the Fred Woods House is a prime example of a commendable social service within the ward that is a very good neighbor.

    Wish I could say that for the others within the ward.

  11. Sorry, Miss Uptown Girl, but NBC5 gave the address on THEIR report about the ribbon cutting.

    Alert them quickly that their reporting doesn't meet your standards.

  12. Well just because NBC 5 does something doesn't make it right.

  13. For someone who thinks we need to grow a pair when we'd like safe sidewalks and lighted streets, uptowngirl's awfully thin skinned about a picture of a building.

  14. I have to agree with uptowngirl about one thing though...Ritchie and Helen's exloitation of those with HIV/AIDS is reprehensible.

  15. It's about people's right to privacy. Not about a picture BRADLEY.

    Im all for street lights and safe streets. I have no idea what you're talking about. Copy and paste my comment about growing a couple. I don't remember saying that.

  16. Bradley-

    Do you HIV and /or AIDS? That is my point.

  17. That's between me and my partner. Just like I assume it is with the residents of the building in question. I don't see that any residents were identified.

    If UU posts "surveilance" photo's and identifies the residents of the house and which has HIV/AIDS I'll say privacy has been invaded. I only see a picture of a building though.

  18. This post isn't exploitative at all. The public has the right to know anything and everything about the direction of its capital.

    In fact, we don't know enough.

  19. Uptown Girl must not be an attorney. Right to privacy? First, unless you live there or are hired as the residents' attorneys, you cannot assert that right. Second, any right to privacy argument in this respect is highly questionable when its government funded and no names of residents were released.

  20. And, Uptown Girl, let's try not to be so nasty. We're all neighbors here on this blog with greater goals of getting along.

  21. Excuse me Weekend-

    How was I nasty? Bradley said that about himself. By the way I'll be as nasty as I want to be. UU can delete my comment if they don't like it.

    So Weekend, Let's try to butt out of my business.

  22. The second you write it on a well-read blog, the second it becomes everyone's business. Cheer up, Uptown Girl! Why are you hating everyone on here? Personally, I'm glad you're commenting here. But, it seems like you're quite angry and unhappy. If you don't like the blog or the commenters and reading UU makes you unhappy, don't read it...

  23. Ok, upon a closer look at it, theres probably about 12 mailboxes there. That drives the per unit cost down to about $167k. What say you Mr. Holsten, Ms. Shiller? If only those folks could have held out about 18 months, they could've had one of those $400k units at WY.

  24. Weekend-

    I realize people read everything I write and people now know what I look like. I have nothing to hide. You told me I was being nasty and I clearly wasn't. Thats it.

    Your passive-aggressive tone is boring.

  25. Uptown Girl: Why do taxpayers have no right to know exactly how their tax dollars are allocated for this expenditure?

    Are we not entitled to know how much of our money is spent, how it is spent, to whom is receiving it, and what accountability measures are in place to see that our money is not abused?

  26. Sure, THE Soul OF Murray Humphries. I thought the ABC7 report was informative and gave everyone enough information of where our tax dollars were going.

    The picture and address of the building was unnecessary. But whatever. This conversation is so over.

  27. morning,
    Uptown Girl has a point. I know for a fact that all media involved in the ribbon cutting were asked to not show the exteior of the building in order to maintain the privacy of the residents. unfortunantly, a few news agencies did not respect the request.
    Yes, the public should now where and what happens to the money the contribute. however, the residents of this buildng shouldhave the right to privacy. Fine, let people know it is publicly funded building. there is no need to speak of the HIV/AIDS stautus of the residents. that is the privacy UG is peaking of.
    unfortunantly, this type of public information can have a negative impact on the commjunities perception of the home and its residents, as not everyone is open minded and undertsanding about these things - case in point, someone commented on the impact on his property value!.
    It would be appreciated if the picture was removed from the blog.
    I am sure someone could provide the blog with an interior shot of the building, one which doe not loacte the building or identify its residents.
    Thank you.

  28. Doesn't anyone else see the absurdity of two politicians having a ceremony and photo-op which is overtly exploiting people and families living with HIV/AIDS and the complaint is that there's a picture of the building?

  29. Bradley,

    The point we are making concerns the families. Yes, politicians take advantage of people all the time, its what they do.
    Focus on the families for a second.
    As for the politicians, vote and make sure they hear your complaint.


  30. But why are you complaining about a picture of a totally nondescript building when Helen and Ritchie brought a ceremony, a press conference which is the antithesis of privacy, to the building. That's a bit like shooting the parents and crying orphan.

  31. Bradley,
    Seems like this is just too simple for you to understand.
    Have a great weekend and stay warm.

  32. Rather..too simple minded for me to understand.