Monday, January 19, 2009

Call 311 & Report Unsafe Conditions

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From Truman Square Neighbors:

One of the problems that has plagued Uptown for years are buildings that deteriorate. Tenants and the whole community suffers.

As many of you may have noticed, the storefronts located at 1016-1032 W. Leland were severely damaged during the week of December 21-26. The extent of the damage is unknown but it appears that a broken water pipe was the main culprit. The beauty salon ceiling completely caved in on the salon and it is currently unusable. It suffered unbelievable damage. The empty storefronts at 1026-1028 also suffered sever water damage and water was pouring out from under the front door for hours.

It would really benefit the neighborhood to get the Building Department to inspect the current condition of this building. We can do this by calling 311 and reporting what the average citizen can observe from the street. There are people living in the units above these damaged storefronts.

Please call 311 to report these violations. Ask that they be reported to the Building Department. Ask for the tracking report number for your complaint and keep a record of it for future reference. You can be anonymous or leave your name and contact information.


  1. IL Sen. Heather Steans claims that "positive loitering" has eliminated (not reduced, eliminated) crime at some corners in Uptown. If you believe that, maybe we should all loiter positively since that seems to do more good - in Steans' mind - than our brave police force. If you believe that, I've also got some land in southern Florida to sell.

  2. Many of these units are bank-owned, so it will be a fight for sure...