Saturday, December 6, 2008

Uptown Resident To Join Obama Administration

From "The Swamp"

“A Chicago native and longtime friend and aide to Barack Obama is being named chief of staff to Valerie Jarrett...

“Like Obama, Strautmanis grew up an African-American child in a predominantly white world, connected to the immigrant experience through his father and admitted early to the corridors of privilege through financial aid at a prestigious local prep school.

In Strautmanis' case that was the Uptown neighborhood on Chicago's North Side, where he and his mother moved from the South Side after she married a Latvian immigrant. The school was the Jesuit-run St. Ignatius College Prep, one of Chicago's power Catholic schools.”


  1. Damn,

    and I thought it was going to be "ChipDouglas".

    I was offered a job, but I didn't get past the first page of the application. Something about a "cheerleader incident" in my background.

    Oh well. The Republic shall survive without me. It survived 8 years of Dubya.........I think

  2. I thought it was going to be Pirate as "The Royal Bather" like in Coming to America. Well I suppose you can now go back to making your WWOD bracelts.

    Chip Douglas could be Secretary of Freekin Awesome! I wouldn't mind an ambassador ship to a nice warm country after this week.

    Come on Barack hook a brother up!

  3. WWOD? Hmmmm, it's Uptown here. Could it be "Who Would Over Dose"?

  4. Didn't see the movie Chippradoodle.

    Although, I get the point.

    I wouldn't want to be Obama's bather. Between him, me and his ego the tub would be very crowded.