Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two Days Left To Comment On 7-11 Liquor License

Did you know..... that Uptown residents have until December 5th to call or mail feedback to the City about the proposed liquor license for the 7-11 at 1138 West Wilson Avenue?

A reader writes: "Shortly after Thanksgiving, I and some neighbors who live nearby got postcard notices from the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing (postmarked November 23rd for an application filed on November 5th - can't imagine why it takes 18 days to get out some computer generated postcards!) saying that we have 30 days for public comment on the liquor license application.

Whether neighbors are for or against, I think everyone agrees that they should be required to take extra security measures like a security camera and/or a security guard for nighttime hours. With a front-row view of the block, there's never been a shortage of alcohol-related problems in the (now fenced) Truman courtyard or at the bus stop across from the new store. Some letters asking the City to require 7-11 take extra steps to help prevent more of those problems would be great.

Per the postcard notice from the City, comments should be mailed to:

MaryLou Eisenhauer
Department of Business Affairs & Licensing
Local Liquor Control Commission
121 North LaSalle, Room 805
Chicago, Illinois 60602

I also called to share my request that more security be required before 7-11 gets a liquor license, but the operator said only letters would be considered (how 1998). But the phone number for Miss Eisenhauer's office was 312-744-6249."


  1. Do you have to live within a certain number of yards to comment? I walk by it every day but never got a postcard.

    Would there be any restrictions on single can/bottle sales? This is far from an ideal place for cheap liquor to be sold, and I can easily see this turning an crummy stretch of Wilson into a crummy and dangerous stretch of Wilson.

  2. This smells like a bad idea all around. There are enough places in the area to cop alcohol I believe. This is begging for loiterers. 7-11 draws enough malingerers as it is.


    Irish Pirate has just set up shop in front of this 7-11 waiting for the booze to arrive.

  4. Great! Another year round, open-air booze lounge. How nice for the students across the street, and for the nice cafes and stores trying to civilize that forlorn strip of Wilson. Nice work, Alderman Shiller. Congratulations, Uptown.

  5. Alderman Smith brings us restaurants and bars with edible food and clean facilities... Alderman Shiller brings us the one thing that our ward so desperately needs... access to yet more booze, and a microwave burrito to stave off the morning heaves. Nice work Helen... nice work! At least now I can drink myself into a stupor, and hopefully forget that I was stupid enough to invest my hard-earned money into your ward.

  6. Personally I'll enjoy stopping there for a snack on my way to the train and, on the way home, picking up my beer.

    It will certainly be a nicer location, and better lit, than the liquor store a block west that is dingy and dirty.