Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shiller: FixWilsonYard Suit "Insane," Blames Group For Uptown's Polarization

From the News-Star: Shiller Comes Out Fighting


Ald. Helen Shiller (46th Ward) charged that an Uptown community group's lawsuit to stop the Wilson Yard development at Montrose and Broadway was politically motivated and a power grab by her opponents to determine who will challenge her in the 2011 aldermanic election.

She also called the lawsuit filed by Fix Wilson Yard against the city and the private partnerships set up by the project's sole developer, Peter Holsten, alleging violations and abuses of state TIF laws in the creation of the Wilson Yard TIF district, "insane."

"I don't think they have a case or read the law," Shiller told News-Star. "The law is not on their side and hopefully all that will be clarified pretty quickly."

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  1. It's INSane!

    How dare they oppose me and the will of my people.

    Shiller may not be a nutty as Blago, but she certainly has a few personality disorders.

    It's not about the election in February 2011. It's about a horribly flawed plan, the lies she and her allies use to justify it, and the future of a great Chicago neighborhood. It's about TIF money, tax dollars, being misused to fuel the avarice of politically connected developers and indirectly the campaign coffers of various politicians. Unless you accept that Holsten is such a profligate political contributor because of civic mindedness. If you accept that I have a slightly tarnished governor I would like to sell you. He comes with his own hairbrush and hair gel.

    Shiller arguing that her opponents are using this lawsuit to see who gets to challenge her is silly, silly, silly. Of course if the lawsuit is successful it will drive her and her political Godfather "da mare" Kwazy.

    In 1999 Shiller was forced into a runoff against Sandra Reed after 4 candidates split the vote. In 2003, after a rapprochement with Hizzoner, Shiller won handily over single candidate Sandra Reed.

    In 2007 "the resistance" felt that a single candidate was the best way to tackle St. Helen of the TIF.
    At the time that choice made sense to me, but in retrospect I'm not sure it was correct.

    If you look at the 2007 elections Waguspeck and Fioretti beat long term incumbents after forcing a runoff. Also Bernie Stone and Joe Moore were also nearly defeated in runoffs.

    Having a number of challengers in 2011 and potentially forcing a runoff against Helen Shiller strikes me as potentially good.

    I don't know how many candidates may run against the Savior of Wilson Yard, but if they unite around whoever runs against Our Lady of Campaign Contributions I suspect the likelihood of ousting Shiller will be better.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that 2011 is going to be a bad year for aldermanic incumbents. Bad economy, rising property taxes and fees, and just general disgust with the "Chicago way" may lead to a larger than average turnover in our wondermonious City Council.

    Personally, since every vote goes overwhelmingly Daley's way we should just eliminate the council and replace them with 50 "Tickle Me Daley" dolls.

  2. How can she keep using the term economically diverse with a straight face?

    But since she's defined as "any set of incomes which aren't the same" then by definition, every area of the city is economically diverse, including that hell-hole Lincoln Park.

  3. As expected, Ald. Shiller "comes out fighting". Wouldn't it be refreshing to have an alderman who uses this lawsuit as an opportunity to listen to thousands of residents who have expressed some legitimate concerns?

    Ald. Shiller then goes on and states there is no case. That’s not what Judge Rochford is thinking. It's time to stop playing the blame game and start doing some serious listening.

  4. I didn't realize we had such a literacy problem in Uptown. Over 2,000 adults can't read. How sad.

  5. *Shiller arguing that her opponents are using this lawsuit to see who gets to challenge her is silly, silly, silly.*

    I announce my canidiacy for the 2011 election! Vote Jason in 2011!

    There, I have nothing to do with Wilson Yard.

    She must be scared if she is coming out fighting.

  6. OMG that article made me laugh out loud.

  7. INSANE!!! Looks like we struck a nerve. Poor Helen. Poor, brave Helen.

  8. "Alderman Shiller comes out swinging," BUT MISSED! Maybe it is just best that she keep with her normal reaction to give "No comment." When she does speak she is unable make much sense.

  9. "Insane" says Shiller... "Political" say Shiller... May I ask what is not "insane” and not "political" of her statement? She is the sole reason uptown is so polarized...She is not a leader, rather a one subject agenda activist who cannot see that the neighborhood has many components to its existence and needs leadership to be able to handle… She is the mirror image copy of Karl Rove and plays her tricks right out of his play book… Shame on her!!!

    also please let your views be heard at the chicago journal... post your comments. do not let this kind of cheap politics go unanswered.

  10. "I don't think they have a case or read the law," Shiller told News-Star. "The law is not on their side ... "


    Mallec v. Belleville

  11. our aldermen willfully abdicate all their duties to Daley so they can concentrate more fully on their primary concern: re-election

    our alderman have so little actual responsibility that they begin campaigning full-time for re-election as soon as they take office

    from their point of view everything IS political, the campaign never stops, and all dissent is posturing

    it doesn't matter how far off the next election is, there is no period between elections

    FOCUS: continue the salary & health benefits, and every year the salary goes up, the pension goes up

  12. Shiller denied a neighborhood rumor that there is a CHA waiting list for the housing.

    "There is a list of people who are interested in living there," Shiller said. "Peter and I are putting the list together. I'm passing the list on to Peter when he's ready to rent."


    Shiller CONFIRMED there's a waiting list

    but don't worry, SHE'S maintaining it, not the CHA?

    why is an alderman maintaining a waiting list for subsidized housing?

    why does a legislative rep have a say in who gets an apt?

    shouldn't the apts go to the most needy or failing that hose who have been waiting the longest or something?

    there is already a waiting list for vouchers in the City, will those on the alderman's list jump that line somehow?

  13. I don't even know where to begin in disseminating Helen's comments.

    "I usually decide if I'll run again a year before the next election," Shiller said.

    Well, of course - but keep the campaign contributions comin', dammit!

    Just in case, right?

    I'm sure Holsten's paid his fair share to get this done.

    The fact that she'll speak to a judge in a case against her(ish), instead of taking the time to do her job and speak to everyone in her ward (not just her cherry pickers) is damning evidence, in and of itself.

    In short, Helen, the FWY lawsuit is a direct result of you not properly representing your constituents.

    You reap what you sow, baby.

    Ask Blago about what a b*tch karma can be.

  14. Shiller said ... "I'm probably one of the strongest advocates of some of the problems of unintended consequences to make sure that condominium buildings get the most affordable path to city ordinances."

    can someone pls parse this for me?

    my head hurts

  15. can someone pls parse this for me?

    Yeah: pay to play, baby.

  16. Shiller blamed polarization in the community on residents who filed the lawsuit.

    "I go out of my way to hear the voices of people who have no resources or the Internet," Shiller said.

    Shiller slams FYW for being internet-enabled!

    in 2008!

    it's the worst thing she can say about them: "LOOK! They're BLOGGERS!"

    Shiller's peeps are the great silent majority on the far side of the digital divide

  17. I may be wrong on this, but isn't the fact that Shiller is maintaining a list of who can and cannot live there, and what business will or will not go in there a subtle form of redlining the neighborhood - economically, possibly even racially?

  18. MIss Kitty, you are right on the mark. I cannot, cannot, cannot believe she stated that in print. This is wrong on so many different levels. We, the taxpayers, are footing the bill for Helen and Peter's hand picked list of supporters and donors.

    How many of these units have been promised to Helen's supporters who have been evicted from other buildings because of their felony convictions?

  19. Peter and I are putting the list together. I'm passing the list on to Peter when he's ready to rent.

    This statement exposes more than a subtle indication of redlining.

    What she's saying here is that she is using developer input as a determination for residency.

    Show of hands, how many of the non-developer-types reading this post have been contacted by Helen regarding the residency qualification in WY?

    How many folks who live directly across Montrose from WY were contacted regarding residency qualifications of their possible new neighbors?


    hm ...

    Okay, then.

    Show of hands - how many people have been contacted by the alderman in order to review the list that she plans to pass along to Holsten?



    I'm not trying to imply that the folks Helen and Peter are putting into the Great WY lottery are malcontents, or lacking in any way.

    What I am implying is that Helen has not, despite her scant few public bloviations to the contrary, included the folks in her ward in discussions (notably the ones who will be immediately affected), nor has she been (nor will she be, by her own admission) transparent in how the neighborhood will be affected by her designs for WY.

    Helen, when you take money from people and do not include them on how that money will be spent (regardless of how altruistic the purpose may be), it's called theft.

    And there ya' have the basis of the FWY lawsuit.

  20. She must be worried about the lawsuit to come out fighting like this.

    If I was Alderman and not worried I would just say we will wait and see what the court decides.

  21. Here is what AMAZED me.. she can't come to any neighorhood meetings, but she showed up to court with Holsten. She somehow managed not to doublebook herself this time.

    She's really really really Afraid and now we have in print that she is possibly redlining the district... perfect. does FixWY have a copy of this... it might be able to help their fight.

  22. Sounds like she is selling these units to the highest bodder to me.... support me, free housing for you!

  23. Bidder...sorry. Maybe the feds can get a wiretap...

  24. Anyone have information about the scheduled hearing for tomorrow? Where is it? When is it?


  25. I was briefly on very good terms with a former Shiller employee, and she told me that Shiller was in no way interested in seeking reelection. It's only hearsay, of course, but I am truthfully recounting what my friend said.

  26. Shiller is interested in seeking re-election until Wilson Yard is done and it may take a few years.

    Unless Daley appoints her to some job before the Feds get him.

  27. When Shiller "won" the last election, she became 100% vested in the city's retirement program.

    Take from that what you will, regarding the next election.

    But, keep in mind, we're going to be paying that woman a salary until her last breath.

    Enjoy that thought for a little while.

  28. She may not run, but you better believe her and Daley will have a "replacement" waiting in the wings to continue to screw us over at every turn.

  29. Miss Kitty

    Hopefully Daley gets indicted early next year.

    What crook but people following like he is a God or something.

    Must be something he is putting our drinking water.

  30. Must be something he is putting our drinking water.

    Corruption only works if the people accept it. Somebody has to take that favor, whatever form it comes in, and pocket it for themselves. They not be aware of it, but everytime one dollar goes into the corruption pile it's 9 dollars lost to everyone else.

    May I remind us all that the Mayor took home 70% of the vote in the last mayoral election.

    Junior knows how to drive the machine. Those engaging in corruption just set up toll booths.

  31. there is no way in hell that Shiller will be re-elected. She marginally won last time and I've seen way more interest in this neigborhood since then. No Way Jose.. I mean Helen.

  32. To the Soul:

    I don't understand how people blindly follow him. I got into an argument last night about him.

    People always say but the City Looks Great, he supports the LGBT community etc. I call that marketing but these people think he is sincere.

    Do any of them receive tax bills or his other made up fees this City has?

    I just don't get it.

    Just like the Olympics prove to me it won't end up costing the taxpayers money?

    I haven't always lived here but I think I started waking up 1) Miggs Field closed in the middle of the night. 2) Soldier Field demolition the second the last game ended. 3) Buying a condo and the run around the City gave me and the shit they let the developer get by with.

    Plus he is sometimes as incoherent as Bush.

    And they don't think the Feds have him on any wire taps. LMFAO

  33. VOTE JASON and get change in our uptown area....
    And the only thing I can say about alderman Shiller is SHE SUCKS. Thanks to her we have and are becoming the most crime, slum area in the city...Take a walk down the streets at night, if you dare , and see for yourself what she has done here.......

  34. Thanks Barry! I now have two votes. Honestly, I would love to run. But whatever is best for the team to fix uptown.

    I'll lay my most controversial position out there right now though. I am NOT against Jpusa. I know some people over there and I really think that they do some great things, even though the concept is a little strange.

    I am not against affordable housing.

    I am pro education.

    Anti-crime. I will support the police, they have a tough job. I'll say it right now, COPWATCH is bullshit!!!!!) There are bad cops out there, but they are the exception, not the rule. I would like to end lawsuits against the CIty regarding cops if I COULD!

    Pro community involvement. The City can't solve all of the problems alone. Believe me, most of us work hard on it.

    I also believe that there is another side to the points made on UU, and I am willing to listen.

    I believe people should be placed into positions based on their ability, not color, race, gender, sexual orientation, economic situation. As long as a person can present themselves in a professional manner and be dedicated to public service they are ok with me.

    Also, I believe the media very often makes a big deal out of nothing.

    Finally, if someone else was elected, I think I would would make a GREAT Staff chief, because I have an inside view on how the City actually works! Mostly boring stuff like how you get your water, garbage pick-up, etc. Believe it or not, most City workers are good people trying to make a living.

    I could go on, but I have to walk the dog.

    I would love to hear your comments!

    (Oh, BTW, since I am a white straight male, I am probably screwed!!!! Not to mention an evil condo owner!!))


  35. And they don't think the Feds have him on any wire taps.

    They probably don't. He's not the "Teflon Mayor" because he draws checks from the 3M marketing budget. He's a hands on Mayor that spends most of his time delegating the risk to his ring of protection and the rest making public appearances. He's one of the nicest guys you'll meet.

    I think he views himself as angel bestowed with the powers of good and evil tasked with the job to hold the city together. I used to think that worked as an analogy until I learned about the Jon Burge confessions.

    Nothing changes though. The evil aspects of him are only made possible by the people that take the favors, push the bribes, and turn the other cheek when their peers catch them.

    Occasionally the Feds tap a goldmine of slush and the system has the potential to unravel. I think Blagojevich exposed himself as the foreman at the mine. We'll see how much Fitzgerald can reveal. He's a smart cookie and will only give us what he needs in order to convict.

    If you want to know about the things the Feds have learned about Chicago over the years, but never could use to convict, check out the person William Roemer, a former FBI Agent that tracked the Outfit.

    Here's some history. Richard J. Daley, the old man, was powerful enough to PLACE federal judges that were the key to making the partnership between the Outfit and the political establishment work. This was how the Outfit could rig outcomes to protect their people. Bob Cooley exposed most of that. There wasn't a mob killing for 9 years after he did that.

    Richard M. Daley doesn't have this power, but Obama does. I pray Obama is clean.

  36. Yeah, Murray, whenever I ponder the amazing good luck of our "Teflon" mayor I can't help but think of a resemblance to J.R. Ewing. Remember how he'd always seduce some over-eager yuppie-on-the-make to participate in some nefarious scheme, then when the game was up the kid would have to take the fall while JR would walk away scot-free?

    Or, to take a more local example, remember how the big guys who arranged the Black Sox scandal escaped with the cash to Mexico while Shoeless Joe et al. were stained for life.

    Sometimes life imitates art. Or life.

  37. parsing the article carefully, Shiller seemed to say the CHA does not a waiting list specific to WY

    of course we know there is a massive City-Wide waiting list for vouchers, so long they are no longer accepting new names

    if I'm a landlord and I turn away voucher holders, I'll be sued

    so how come Holsten and Shiller can do so with impunity?

    unless the Shiller/Holsten list agrees exactly and in order with the top of the City-wide waiting list, something fundamentally unfair, corrupt, and extra-legal is going on here

    I am very familiar with the written agreements on WY and there is NO ROLE for the alderman in doling out subsidized housing in their ward

    by what authority does Shiller maintain a waiting list for WY on taxpayer time?

    this is how incumbent aldermen get a stranglehold on OUR seats in Council

  38. If Shiller has a list, wouldn't the public, through the press or private citizens, be able to obtain the list through a Freedom of Information Act request?

    I'm going to explore this.

  39. Chicago Housing Choice Voucher Program

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I get on the waiting list?

    Earlier this year, the Chicago Housing Authority opened the lottery for the Chicago Housing Choice Voucher Program waitlist. The deadline to register was May 15, 2008. All of the names of individuals who completed the required questions and submitted a registration form between April 18 and May 15, 2008 were entered into an electronic lottery in which a computer randomly selected the names of 40,000 individuals and randomly assigned them a position on the Chicago Housing Choice Voucher Program waitlist.

    If you did not register for the lottery between April 18 and May 15, 2008, your name was not added to the lottery and you are not eligible for the waitlist.

  40. note well: the waiting list linked to above is NOT a waiting list to get into CHA housing

    it is the waiting list to be issued a VOUCHER to get into PRIVATE rental units like WY