Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Resolution For 2009?

We're sure Uptowners who remember alleged gang enforcer Paul Myvett tooling around in his unlicensed gold Range Rover might find this idea intriguing. And goodness knows, we're finding out that litigation gets people's attention! Maybe this is a something to consider in 2009:

Suburban Prosecutors Sue Gang Members For Money

GLENDALE HEIGHTS, Ill. (AP) -- Officials in suburban DuPage County say they're deterring crime by seeking financial damages from gang members who break the law. County prosecutors say three lawsuits filed against gang members since 1999 are the first of their kind in Illinois. The suits can seek money, but judges have also ordered plaintiffs to stop participating in gang activity, with criminal penalties for violations.

Glendale Heights resident Eliazer Bravo Jr. was one of the people sued. The 23-year-old owes nearly $3,800 but says he would've left the Latin Kings gang anyway. West Chicago officials say prosecutors' efforts have dramatically reduced gang-related shootings there. A Chicago Police Department spokeswoman says the city is reviewing the lawsuit option.

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