Monday, December 1, 2008

Meeting About Sale of Montrose Maryville Property

From Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association:

On Thursday, December 11th, CPNA will hold a meeting at Kahawa Coffee House at 7pm. The main agenda item will be the sale and development of the Maryville property. The Alderman's office contacted us last week to say the developer would be scheduling community meetings in the near future. We will have an opportunity to discuss the proposed development and spell out our concerns to the developer.

The meeting on December 11th will give us an opportunity to discuss what we know, and what we can expect. It will give us an opportunity to get organized with our concerns and questions. Your attendance and participation is greatly appreciated.

We will also discuss the CPNA holiday drive for Inspiration Cafe. This year, CPNA will help Inspiration Cafe fill the wish list of adults who are working to get back to self-sufficiency. We will be looking to help 10-15 adults get the items they need to find a job, keep a home, and fully integrate back into society. A separate email will be forthcoming shortly explaining this project in more detail.

We will also provide updates on the Dog Park and allow time for neighbors to ask questions or address concerns on neighborhood topics. Please come out for an hour and lend a hand in making our neighborhood a better place.


  1. Do we know who the developer is, and what their initial plans are for this property? Or is this meeting the unveiling of those two key pieces of information?

  2. I was wondering the same thing J2C - I'm a bit nervous about this property as I live in the high rise directly across the street.

    At one point I had heard rumors, and I say RUMORS, that this was to be made into a sort of "half way" house for people being released from prison back into society.

    I'll be there, thanks for the heads up.