Saturday, December 13, 2008

JPUSA Priceless



  1. Demonizing property owners and tax payers: $0

    Shame over your sexuality: $0

    Losing your virginity before you hit puberty: $0

    Helping to keep a corrupt ex-hippie in office: Priceless.

  2. Mocking humor from our neighbors over on Wilson. By the way the double quarter pounder is the work of SATAN.

  3. Jason,

    apparently the food at JPUSA may leave a bit to be desired. They are just mocking it playfully.

    Given the haircut of the average male JPUSA member they also mock barbers.

  4. I couldn't figure out if this was pro or con JPUSA.

    Also fellas you need to render your video at a different rate.

    Nice effort though.

  5. The people hate the food, and don't eat it...and this is supposed to be a compliment to the cooks?

    "Putting restaurants out of business"? But the video shows them driving business to the restaurants.

    The dreadlocked guy is in ecstasy when he eats the fast food...

    What? Huh? Er? Wha? Hmmm. Zowie!

    My brain hurts.

  6. Ex-Jpusa's have been saying for years that at times the CULT's menu is positively hurl-worthy. The video is typical Jpusa in that it makes no clear message, just a self-contradictory one.

    Wonder how much $ and time was spent on it. Couldn't that money and time have been used to help the poor? Isn't this an example then of hating the poor? And wouldn't that then make all Jpusa's racist? (Sorry; had to slip in a little Jpusa/Trott "logic". Nyuk! Nyuk!)

    Since this "hate site" (Jpusa's term for UU) is gaining new readers daily, I again submit the following link to all the info one needs to know on this cult:

  7. Blogger Mark Scheiderer has spent extensive time at JPUSA and obviously knows what he is talking about. He is celebrated on all of the counter-JPUSA forums he is involved in. He is a true man of integrity.

  8. I think I can explain the "hidden mysteries" of the video.

    Let's say you're a teen with a bad home life. You may have even been kicked out of your house or ran away because of the verbal and/or physical abuse.

    Licking your wounds, some which are pretty deep, you learn to survive by couch surfing and mooching off others. You may even try your hand at begging, stealing, selling drugs and selling your body just so you can afford the "luxury" of breakfast at McDonald's and lunch at Siam Noodle.

    Oh, and you'll need clothes too. That scarce cash you've scraped together will come in handy when you're bartering at the local second hand shop.

    Maybe because you are too beaten down from the abuse at home to care any more, (you've possibly considered suicide a time or two) or exhausted from being rejected from "normal" society because of petty and superficial things in your struggle to be an independent human being.

    You find some strange sense of security and inner strengh by being rebellious. (Tattoos and piercings are tempting when you have nothing else in your life you can control)

    Along comes an invitation to attend a JPUSA Woodstock sytle Christian punk music event in a big field in rural Illinois.

    Reluctantly, you go because you have nothing better to do that day.

    What do you find? There's a crowd of teens a lot like you. None of them judge you and you have a lot in common to talk about. The floodgates open and you are able to share things you haven't been able to share with anyone else.

    This is paradise! Great music and a sense of longer isolated...a euphoria learning that you're not alone in this world. There in the crowd are JPUSA members and leaders who are more at peace than you. You learn that they are connected with a higher power who, they explain, sees the "real" you, not just the tattoos, long hair and piercings. This higher power, they explain, loves you unconditionally, unlike your parents and/or family.

    JPUSA members begin to take the stage between music sets. At first you ignore them to talk with other interesting potential friends.

    Eventually, you begin to listen to the JPUSA members who are on the stage. They share with you the deep understanding have of your very personal life struggle. (maybe for the first time ever)

    They also hint that they understand your resentment of the American system of commerce (must pay money for food and clothes) and your visceral resentment of those who work and earn money. (can afford clothes and food, sometimes even own a car, a condo or house)

    The JPUSA members on stage begin to explain that if you just surrender your struggles to them and to their connection with a "higher power," all your problems will be washed away.

    Vunerable but euphoric, you follow their encouragement and instructions to learn more.

    You don't want this moment to end!

    The basics are explained to you and you learn that you will get free food and a free place to live as long as you never work outside the commune in downtown Chicago. You've always wanted to live in the city and don't have a job (or desire one) anyway, so "What the heck! Sign me up!"

    The JPUSA members lead you to the table where you sign a form or two, (reinquishing your rights to welfare, Social Serurity, Medicare and such) and you've "joined a family" who understands you and doesn't judge you.

    Little do you know the "dirty little secret" that the government programs you signed away will immediately flow into the JPUSA laundramat, funneled toward the JPUSA leaders who live in nice houses in the 'burbs, drive Jaguars and other expensive cars, etc.

    Also, you may be unaware that you are now beholden to the 46th Ward Alderman who saw to it that your new "family" was given a place to live, promise to open a High School full of young and impressionable new voters, and even financial support in the form of ward funds for a generator when your "family" couldn't make the utility bill payments at one of your family's properties this last fall. (allegedly)

    No, they didn't explain that the "higher power" you would surrender to was not just God. It is also an Alderman who now "owns" you as her on personal slave. At the least, you are to obidiently keep quiet when you see unethical or illegal things happening around you.

    As this Alderman's totalitarian regime crumbles, more and more will be expected of you, JPUSA family member. You won't relize it immediatly, but this membership to the JPUSA family that you joined will soon become a full time slavery to Chicago machine politics at it's dirtiest, most corrupt and unethical.

    Working for minimum wage and eating at McDonald's for breakfast suddenly doesn't sound like such a bad deal after all, now does it?

    Did I miss anything?

  9. Zesty,

    That was a lot of words to show you really don't know anything about:

    1. The lack of marketing that JPUSA has, and the fact that they don't "evangelize" from the stages at Cornerstone. In fact, most people I have spoken to at the fest over many years have no idea who runs the fest and how they live.

    2. The leadership structure at JPUSA. The leaders live the same way and in the same type of rooms as everyone else. There are no leaders that live outside of JPUSA. They have responsibilities and do dishes like everyone else.

    3. The sign-up table is really funny. As if JPUSA has room for even .5% of the people that attend the fest. Come on. The last thing JPUSA wants to do is recruit people. Where would they put them?

    4. The idea of a God who wipes away our problems is very irresponsible- something you will find some whack job like Joel Olsteen talking about, but not JPUSA's. Responsible Christianity dictates that we are all screwed up and we have to learn to deal with the 2x4 in our own eye. God is not going to take care of it for you, your life is not going to get any better if you serve him. It could actually get worse.

    Nobody tells me how to vote or who to vote for. Nobody controls my money or my bank accounts except me and my wife. I own a car, and it's a nice one. It's mine. I work, I pull my own weight. I own a small business and I make cash on the side to pay for the things I want to get. (of course it’s reported) My daughter earns her own money to buy special things she wants (can you believe Converse are still popular after all of these years?) She is learning personal and financial responsibility. I’ve never met the alderman, never voted for her, and have never heard anyone quoting her or even giving a hint that I need to do something because it would be in the alderman’s best interest.

    Basically you are just repeating a bunch of folk tales that continue to be spread, and it doesn’t matter how many times they are repeated- they will never be true. You can keep hoping though.....cross your fingers!

    Have you missed anything? Well yeah! You missed a ton. You are just believing here-say, and maybe that is good enough for you. Maybe it’s easier than finding out the truth or stopping in and getting a nostril full of someone different from yourself. But that is your choice, you can believe what you want- just give me the same freedom.

  10. Oh I thought this was a GEICO commercial.

  11. Otto, thank you for sharing your point of view.

    Yes, there are a lot of myths about JPUSA floating around out there just as there are myths floating around out there about "evil" condo owners.

    2x4's in the eye and all, we could all use a little better understanding all the way around. Your post helps and I for one appreciate your willingness to share.

    You must admit that your group does provide a sense of security that is attractive to vunerable and victimized teens who attend the Cornerstone Festival. Whether you evangelize or not, are you really saying that none of your members found their way to JPUSA from that Festival?

    A point I was trying to make is that we have all become pawns of Alderman Shiller in one way or another, and that's a real shame.

    Whether you realize it or not, she is leaning heavily on JPUSA members and tapping their loyalty to stay elected. You may say you have no pressure to vote a certain way, but from an outside perspective this tactic is plain as day.

    Maybe it doesn't work as well as Ald. Shiller believes, but that hasn't stopped her. You must admit, Otto, that Jon Trott's pride in saying that JPUSA is responsible for Ald. Shiller winning Aldermanic elections year after year doesn't reconcile well with your statements.

    It's my belief that Jesus fought to the death against the type of political tactics and corruption that Alderman Shiller employs. This may not be your belief, but it is mine. If you allow me my freedom of belief, I'll allow you yours.

    Heck, I may even "allow" you yours anyway. ;-)

    Otto, it sounds to me like we're not so different, you and I. Thanks again for sharing.

    Please do have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. If not for me, (a blogger on a community message board) at least have a Merry Christmas for yourself and for your family.

  12. Otto, if you don't believe my words about Cornerstone Festival,

    ...maybe Becky Laswell's words from the Cornerstone Festival website Link text will help you understand better what I was trying to say:

    "Post-fest, I always want to write something profound. I want to find some way to express my appreciation to JPUSA for putting this on. I want to share about just how much it renews my soul to spend a week hearing great music and laughing late into the night with friends. I want to build my own personal memory of how much better life is when I'm not stressed out at work. I want to put down in writing my thanks to God for letting me get a little taste of heaven in the cornfields of western Illinois."

    ...or the blog entry by Chris Parks:

    "Today’s seminars were simply monstrous. And i mean that in a good way.

    Andy Whitman’s sessions considered how music helps us understand evil in the world and in ourselves...the enemy (or the monster) without, and within. Songs from different artists help us understand the fallen nature of the world, and ourselves as “screwups loved by God.”

    J Gordon Melton began his exploration of the character Dracula, myth and fact, how the historic Vlad the Impaler became the vampire Dracula and what that means in today’s culture. Sessions tomorrow will consider the popularity of the vampire in contemporary culture.

    J Robert Parks wrapped up his presentation on colonialism, empire and myth with reflections on how contemporary culture treats “otherness.” "

  13. Otto the JPUSA palindrome says..

    "Responsible Christianity dictates that we are all screwed up and we have to learn to deal with the 2x4 in our own eye. God is not going to take care of it for you"

    No Otto you expect the Government to take care of you.

    You are far from being a religious organization. Your a radical left political group who will be obsolete the day Helen leaves office.

    -Just as the weeds are collected and burned up with fire, so will it be at the end of the age.

  14. Chip, I am not an organization- I am a person. I do not expect the government to do anything for me except stay out of my life. I pay my taxes, pay my bills and work hard for the things I have. (it's called a work ethic- it still exists) I don't call 311 everytime I see a beer can on the sidewalk- I pick it up and throw it away. You don't know me and you shouldn't pretend that you do. You only know what you have been fed, and like a bird feeding her chick you just regurgitate it.

    Humorous that you would quote scripture out of context to me. Not that I am above being corrected by scripture, far from it; it just seems out of character for you to assume scripture has some authority.

    Radical left! Sweet. Jot that down in the journals of folklore! How pretentious of you to assume you know my politics or that they are even minutely influenced by any person or group. I have my own mind and I refuse to check it at any door.

    Thanks for your insightful comments!

  15. I have to say, all this talk of JPUSA is rather comical. The bishop of the archdiocese of Chicago lives in a mansion in the Gold Coast, invites known pedophiles to live with him in this house poor catholics pay for, eat food poor catholics pay for, drive a car poor catholics pay for, and gets involved in the political arena helping coerce our public officials into legislating descrimination, but it is the JPUSA that is so bad for the neighborhood. Excuse me for saying so but I see satan more in the catholic church, which, by the way, pays NO TAXES but is the LARGEST MONEY MAKING ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD, than I see in JPUSA.

    So why the focus on a religious sect with so little influence and so little on the sect with the much larger national and worldwide influence? Could it be because so many of you are catholic and don't think what's good for the goose is good for the gander? But, rather, it's your (catholic) way or the highway?

  16. Chuckles,

    since your blog is named "Fuck Your God" I assume you have one or two issues with religion. Or as I like to say it "Jesus, please save us from your followers".

    This is an Uptown related blog so JPUSA is featured.

    I happen to believe that religion and politics should not mix. If you don't believe in abortion don't have one. If you don't believe in gay marriage don't get gay married. Etc Etc etc.

    Whatever denomination that involves itself in politics is wrong. JPUSA is neck deep in Shiller politics.

    As for "Holy Mother the Church", that would be the Catholic Church of course, it has a number of issues itself.

    That being said JPUSA and the Catholic Church are both organizations that do good and bad. Like any other organization.

    As for you Chuckarmadingdong I suggest some purloined sacramental wine and illicit sex. It may not cure what ails ya, but you won't notice for awhile.

  17. Well, amen Irish Pirate. I may just take you up on that suggestion. There's an altar in front of which I sure can lay prostrate.

  18. Otto, you do sound like a reasonable person, but you must admit that quotes like the ones below from former members of JPUSA make it hard to believe that this is all a matter of myth and misunderstanding.

    Quotes from ex members of JPUSA

    "We did not submit to family planning JPUSA style--you must receive permission from the entire council to have a child. Some couples were deemed 'too troubled' and forbidden to have any children. Some were called 'traitors' if they did. At one point we were threatened to be moved into the community's homeless shelter."

    Or this...

    "Presently JPUSA seems to be in financial disarray and appears constantly to be re-financing almost everything. They own no buildings that they inhabit. Instead, the Covenant Church owns almost everything.

    Amidst this financial disarray there may be tax fraud and possibly illegal tax procedures."

    Or this...

    "As a member you learn not to question the different lifestyles, bank accounts, or property that elders have--compared to regular members. "

    Or, from the 2001 "Chicago Tribune" article...

    "And it was in that basement, too, the adult spankings began."

    "Years later, Jesus People USA leaders would renounce the practice, saying the spankings had reflected how spiritually immature the group was."

    "As more people joined the commune was almost 500 members strong by the late 1980s the group's eight leaders drafted a three-page, fine-print document called the "Jesus People Covenant." The document included the surrender of any claim to worker's compensation, Social Security or health benefits and for several years it also required members to surrender power of attorney to the leaders. The covenant, Cameron says, served to "explain the consequences of membership."

    But the document also fueled skepticism about the commune's finances among some members.

    If we have a steady income, they wondered, why do we still use the free health care at Cook County Hospital? Why are all the mothers enrolled in the federally funded Women, Infants and Children program? Why are families collecting food stamps when the commune clearly has the funds to provide three square meals a day? And why doesn't the commune distribute financial reports?

    ...By 1998, the most recent income tax returns available, the commune was grossing $12.6 million a year and netting well over $2 million.

    ...The commune's non-profit charity also used tens of thousands of government dollars to hire Jesus People's own contracting companies to do construction work on the group's homeless shelter and the transitional living center, as well as buying the charities' food, supplies and office space from Jesus People USA. Jesus People leaders say the commune hired its own businesses because they did the jobs cheaper since they didn't have to pay their workers and therefore saved precious government dollars.

    The leaders say that because so many people joined to escape all the materialism of the modern world, they never suspected anyone wanted to live more luxuriously or to see how money was being spent. In addition, Cameron says, the group cannot afford regular audits."

  19. Zesty-

    Your post yesterday at 4:18 p.m. was perhaps the most concise explanation of who gets involved with this cult (although you may not agree with my use of that word) and how they get involved with it, that I have ever read. Vulnerability and opportunity are the key operating words. Those who are in dire straights are met with an option to have their needs met by Jpusa. HOWEVER, Jpusa's "offer" of help is a classic example of "bait and switch".

    Jpusa was started up in the 70's by a bunch of counter-CULTure pseudo-"Christians" who found out how to play the government systems, and have set up a way to live a soft life for themselves. "Themselves" of course being only the leadership of this "intentional community" as Jon tROTT likes to call it.

    Most tragic of all is the few individuals who were literally dropped off at Jpusa by their parents while they were still children. One of them left recently, after nearly 25 years of living (better make that "being abused in") this cult. They need a HUGE amount of prayer, as they have no job, no permanent place to stay, no car, and little of this world's goods. A handful of other ex-Jpusa's are helping them out temporarily financially. Nearly 25 years at Jpusa (Just People Undergoing Spiritual Abuse ) and NOTHING to show for it. God help them!

    Otto, Jon tROTT, JP Paulus and others can try to defend this cult, but they can't refute the fact that hundreds have left this CULT with decimated lives.

    Godspeed to Jpusa's demise and the punishment of it's leadership.

  20. Mark Scheiderer has spent considerable time at JPUSA and has personally interview hundreds of former as well as current members. He knows what he is talking about.

  21. One other thing of note:

    In addition to all of tROTT's, Otto's("tROTT-lite") and JP Paulus's failed attempts on UU to keep the truth on JPUSA suppressed and resorting to ad hominem attacks on those who tell the truth about this cult, JP Paulus is feeblely trying to deflect attention away from a topic I started on the Uptown Update Forums entitled:


    It appears that Otto/Paulus/tROTT scour the internet 24/7 to see what is being said about their cult. Now THAT is a high calling in life!