Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night....

A reader writes: Our Uptown neighborhood has literally been pitch-black every night for almost 2 weeks. All the street lights on the 4400 block of Clifton and Sunnyside from Clifton to Magnolia are not working. The lights have been out since December 19 and make it especially dangerous for anyone walking after dark. We believe the construction at Truman has knocked out the lights.

We've contacted Truman yesterday after numerous 311 calls have done nothing and they have asked the construction foreman to look into it. This could be a very eerie New Year's Eve.


  1. I'm hoping that Truman College was working on this long before they were contacted by neighborhood residents. It's enough that we have to put up with inaction from Helen.

  2. People - be very careful. A light was out on my street a couple of years ago on New Year's Eve and I did get mugged. It was only 7:15pm. The police said they had been getting calls for robberies about every 15mins. They said the muggers know people are out with money in their pockets a little tipsy if not alot. BE CAREFUL!!!

  3. it sucks to feel unsafe in your own neighborhood. Happy New Year and don't forget to watch your back...

  4. Winthrop street about a half block south of Leland I just saw a ~13 year old black male with a striped shirt pull out a gun, somewhat hide behind a car and point it with both arms outstretched.

    He didn't fire and ran the other direction - but very scary.

    I called the police. Be safe everyone.

  5. The streetlights were out on Magnolia and Leland when I went past tonight. Many of the streetlights are also out under the "L" tracks at Wilson. Yes, I called 311 immediately, but this is getting ridiculous.

    Uptown must be the only place in the world where stretches of streetlights mysteriously quit working the first of each month. It couldn't have something to do with welfare check arrival and drug dealers looking to "sell their wares" could it?

    Again, I wouldn't be surprised but would still be disgusted to learn that Ald. Shiller had anything to do with this, risking public safety for her own personal political gain.

  6. I guess they decided to turn out the lights at Clarendon Park too. These were always on at least till around 12am year round. That's wasteful, they could have cut that back to 9 or 10, but now I don't think they come on at all.

  7. Nights are still pitch-black on Clifton and Sunnyside. The lights have been out almost 2 weeks. It's been dark and dangerous since December 20.

    Wonder how long they would have been out if we lived in Lincoln Park?