Friday, December 19, 2008

How Would You Like THIS Job?

They sure are goin' gang-busters at Wilson Yard! What's the rush? A reader sends us this photo showing workers assembling a very large crane at the site yesterday.


  1. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeet,

    That's supposed to impress me?

    I remember back in the 80's some guy who was in Vietnam talking about it.

    I was like "big deal, I live in Uptown."

    I won that verbal joust.

  2. From the alderman's website:

    "Don't forget to shovel your sidewalk! City law requires owners of homes, apartment buildings and businesses to shovel the snow in front of the property or business.

    Enjoy the good will of your neighbors by clearing your sidewalk."

    City laws apply unless you have "special permission" from the alderman to work super early in the morning and late into the night on a construction project!

    Sorry, couldn't resist....

  3. Maybe they're preparing to put a Christmas tree on top of the crane, like a south-suburban construction company does every year. You can see it from I-55, somewhere around Countryside I think.

  4. In my dreams, the two workers are about to unfurl
    a banner that says "Welcome to Helen's NeverLand Ranch"

  5. All things aside, when I pass by on the train I get a little warm fuzzy thinking about walking to Target (with Starbucks inside I hope!) and browsing the aisles for hours.

    Of course, my fantasy doesn't include having to rebuke the best efforts of drunken loiterers asking for change, trying to steal carts, etc.

    That construction sure is going quickly now that the monetary floodgates have opened up.

  6. we're so stupid... we should have told them to cease their working at Wilson Yard 5 years ago... we'd have our Target by now.