Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'Helen's Money' Website Surfaces

A reader alerted us to
It looks like the website has been active for a while and features 3 options to download a breakdown of all of the businesses and folks that donate money to Ald. Shiller. Knowledge is power, folks. We love the tagline, "Keeping tabs on who's paying hers."

Update: Our thanks to "Holden" for pointing out that the clever cats behind also purchased the domain for


  1. Well, I'd say this might very well be a good tool for letting business' know that Uptown won't be kind to those supporting this woman. Boycott in 2009. Sacrifice and support those NOT on the list. Send letters letting those on the list that we will no longer support them. Uptown Updaters have gotten quite active since the summer. Let's keep the ball rolling.

  2. Just how many "consultants" does Helen need? I wonder what this is code for.

    Also, lots and lots of legal bills. Not just to the 46th Ward's Favorite Attorney, but to several other firms (one -- TPG? -- is in the McJunkin Building, although another address is given on the D-2s).

    I wonder why she pays "staff salaries" out of her campaign funds?

    Interesting that Maggie Marystone, like Helen, barely lives in the 46th Ward -- in "Upsonville." And that former staffer (whom I liked very much) Nora Hughes doesn't appear to have lived in Uptown at all.

    Must be nice to be in Helen's inner circle, like Brendan, Denice Davis, Pam Barton, and many with the same last name of Helen's buddies, and get hefty "consulting" fees on top of everything else.

    Again, why does Helen need so much "consulting" and whart are those payments really for?

  3. Interesting who are repeat donners
    Terry Telle= DaMare's former aid
    Charles Renslow=convicted felon, owner of Man's Country and holder of liquor lisences yet a felon
    Aurthur Johnston= SideTrack bar
    Sutcliffe Pharmacy= hhhmmm

  4. It should be very easy to convince Sidetracks not to support Helen anymore.

    They won't even sell liquor from companies that aren't supportive of the gay community.

    Uptown should have a found raiser or mixer there.

  5. I'm intrigued with Art's contributions...James held an early fund raiser at Sidetrack which I assumed (I could be wrong) was held with Art's blessing. Also of note...less than half (37% of Helen's "individual" and "in-kind" contributions came from the two zip codes associated with Uptown.

  6. I think many businesses feel "shaken down" and pressured to donate to Helen, although they may not support her politically.

    I certainly don't hold it against those businesses.

    Remember, the alderbeast is a vengeful creature. Just think back to how many Cappleman contributors and campaign workers had their "porches inspected" after the last election, with thousands of dollars in improvements required. I don't think that was exactly coincidental.

    If I had a small business and the alderbeast's reps came around shaking their coin cans, I'd probably donate rather than risk a slew of city inspectors coming to close me down.

    I find it interesting that George "Bat Man" Atkins and his wife, both Helen's *cough* consultants, live far outside of Uptown. Kind of weird for such a staunch ally, supporter, and muscle... but then, Helen and "her kind of people" don't bother to actually live in the squalor she shoehorns into Uptown.

  7. Forgot to say that Beast's friend Chuck Renslow's store on and Clark (in the 46th ward)was closed last summer for drug and prostitution. Helen probably only concern is that the checks clear his bank.

    Still think the many contributions by Stutcliffe is interesting.

  8. I wonder what zoning variances George Bahramis bought with his $4,300 in the last couple years.

  9. I love that this site is up, running, and helping us claw at that pimply troll of an alderman!!!


  10. What is "TPG Chicago, LLC"?

    The address listed for the business is a residential address on Glenwood. Google listings record the address as the McJunkin building.

    Cross referencing the phone number listed traces back to Brendan Shiller.

  11. I'm totally boycotting every business that contributed to her. I'm passing the information on to fellow uptowners.

  12. At one point I called TPG's # and asked for Brendan and they took a message. My best guess is we are seeing campaign cash going to the 1st son of the 46th, under guise of a law firm in order to circumvent witholding that would pertain to a campaign employee.

  13. I'm not sure what happened in 2008 but can only guess that maybe lessons were learned. Between 2002 and 2007 Nick's Uptown gave Helen over $5,000 in contributions. Each year from 2004 through 2006 it was $1,000 and in 2007 it was $1,500. In 2008 they were holding fundraisers for Fix Wilson Yard. Was there some sort of epiphany in 2008?

  14. Greg Harris donated $300 on May 8th, eh?

    $1000 from Sunrise Equity?

  15. haha they also own

  16. ^^^ typo... I meant

  17. Consultants are likley key people in some of the bigger buildings etc that are able to get a lot of votes swung towards Helen. Pay them and they help campaign for her and make sure that her votes show up. If we want to change this we need to be willing to hire these people as consultants. It sounds crappy but welcome to Chicago and IL politics. Blago was merely following the Chicago tradition when he said the Senate seat was up for the highest bidder. If we want to win the next election we need to hire every single voting member in the 46th ward as a consultant with their paychecks being issued after the election results are confirmed. How many people voted in the last election? Just figure $20-$100 head and we can have a new alderperson.

  18. The list of donors is no shock, surely she has put the arm on the businesses but it also shows why she was so successful in her demonization of James Cappleman, look at how much money Circuit and Nick's Uptown give to that woman. I even attended a benefit for James at Nick's Uptown.

    I have to wonder about some of these donations, like Rocks of Lincoln Park which is on Lakewood south of Diversey, what are they getting from that woman?

  19. "I have to wonder about some of these donations, like Rocks of Lincoln Park which is on Lakewood south of Diversey, what are they getting from that woman?"

    How bout zoning or approval for their second location, right by Treasure Island on Broadway and Cornelia. Opened in the summer of 08.

  20. Don't know if there was any update, but TPG Cnsulting got $12,000 in the 2nd half of 2009. And for what?

    Anywhere which shows what TPG actually does? or can someone findit registered through the state of IL?

    But it's also interesting that Shiller had $60,000 in investments by mid 2006, and by 2009, it was all gone.

    It seems like she's "retiring" in 2011..or we're about to see some kind of fundraising surprise