Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Samaritans On Castlewood

Dear UU,
I was wondering if you could please post a thank you for me for two individuals that live on Castlewood and literally saved my Christmas. I have no idea if these two gentlemen read Uptown Update, but because I don't have their names or where they live, this is the best option I have to express my gratitude.

I live in Uptown and had my car parked on Castlewood. I was unfortunately out of town during the huge snow and ice storms that hit the Chicago area during the week of December 15. I returned to the BITTER temperatures that gripped the City last weekend and turned what was snow into giant bricks of solid ice. I went to my car on Monday to try to dig it out in order to ensure that I would be able to get home for Christmas. Unfortunately, I arrived at my car to find that it had been plowed in and was sitting on giant blocks of ice. After an hour and a half of trying desperately to dig it out, I was still unsuccessful and decided to give up for the night because I knew it was supposed to warm up a little the next day.

I returned to my car on Tuesday determined to get it out. After beginning to try to dig out, I quickly realized that it was probably not going to happen. I called my family in tears because I knew that I would not be able to get home for the holiday if I could not get the car out that evening. I was not ready to give up, so I continued to try to break up the ice and dig out, shattering my new shovel in the process (I was again trying to dig out for over an hour). I made a little progress, but was still FAR from getting out of my spot. A nice gentleman was snowblowing the sidewalk across the street from my car. He saw me struggling and came over. He used his snow blower to clear some of the snow and ice that I had broken up from in front of my car. (This was not a quick process, he was helping me for at least 15 or 20 minutes before we were able to clear away enough to try to move the car). Another gentleman then came out of his house to help. They helped push my car while I tried to steer out of my spot. Thankfully, this was successful. I was so happy that thanks to these two good Samaritans, I would be able to be home with my family for Christmas. I am still so touched by their kindness and so grateful for their generosity, there are not enough words to truly express my gratitude.

I would appreciate if you could post at least part of this message in hopes that one or both of these gentlemen or their families read it so they have an idea of how grateful I am. It's really great to know that there are these kinds of generous people in our community.



  1. I saw this happen quite a few times in my neighborhood, too. A lot of neighbors helping each other get out of plowed in spots.

    There were also 5 guys on the street trying to help a taxi get through the intersection of Winthrop and Leland last week Friday.

    For all the bad stuff that goes on in the hood, it's nice to hear about good samaritans. Thanks for posting, UU!!!

  2. Thankfully the snow and ice mountains have melted!
    A co-worker of mine who lives west of Uptown described the defiant placing of the old kitchen chair in someone's freshly shoveled space. (I'm sure we've all seen this).

    These weather things do bring out the best in people.

  3. It's called "dibs", pal. You got a problem wit dat? :)

  4. I was stuck in the alley Friday and 3 neighbors came out to help me out! That was on Kenmore near Leland BTW, thanks!

  5. I was stuck on the street on Kenmore in between Leland and Lawrence and 4 neighbors came to help out. I love the Uptown team spirit! Thank you to my neighbors :-)

  6. The late Mayor of Castlewood, Studs Terkel, would be proud!