Friday, December 12, 2008

FixWilsonYard's Press Release About Latest Lawsuit News

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  1. Thanks and congrats to FWY on the first step!
    When the time comes I'm sure you could get a good portion of the area homeowners to show up for support!

  2. I am in it for the long term.

  3. YAAAAAY! If I may quote Patti Blagojevich, but aim it at Peter H, et al, (Bleep) Them!

  4. First off, great job FWY for continuing to fight the good battle!

    According to the NewsStar, the judge is quoted as saying "I think there were would be significant harm if we stopped the job for 60 to 90 days."

    What about the harm that the neighborhood will have to endure for years to come if this thing gets built? This judge is obviously far removed from what goes on in Uptown on a day to day basis under our current Alderbeast's watch.

  5. I never understood this argument. If stopping the development at this point would be too great of a burden on the developer now, then allowing him to continue only places a bigger hardship on the developer if FWY succeeds on the merits. It seems that judge essentially believes that FWY has a liklihood to succeed on the merits.

    So what is the judge thinking? When FWY wins on the merits, what happens then? Now the judge, by failing to enter the TRO has only increased the harm to the developer. The developer continues to spend time and effort to build the place just to have to take it down.

    Sounds like another spineless Circuit court judge, and her ruling makes little sense.

    And anyway, isn't it taxpayer money being spent?

  6. meow...thanks. It is that darn lawyer in me.....

  7. One of the city's tactics is likely to delay the case as long as possible.

    Thereafter, if the city loses on the merits they can claim any "remedy" is disproportionate in its impact.

    I counted about 7 or 8 cranes over at Wilson Yard when I walked by earlier today. Seems like Holsten is in a hurry.

  8. I'm hoping we have a long cold winter!
    Is there anything Mother Nature can do to temporarily close down the construction site???
    Even after the foundations for what I think were the elevator banks were poured, the pit was still filling up with water!

  9. The coporation counsel'soffice will not purposely slow down the litigation.

    The people who work there have a lot of integrity.

  10. For my next yoke.........

    Jason, dat was funny.

    Wanna see my pinky ring. Oh I forgot, one of the corporation council employees stole it from me and gave it to his "mutha" to wear.

  11. Keep an eye out. They are working way too late every night. Call the police if you see anything. We need to document everytime they are breaking the law.

    I saw them working at 8:30 last night and called the police, but I was on my way somewhere so I really don't know the outcome.

  12. What hours are they supposed to keep?

  13. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. After or before that, they're in violation of City ordinance.

  14. They are working non-stop. The frenzy started right after Holsten got his free money in October. Until then, WY was turning into a crater lake.

    They are now working on Saturday. Until now, I had the impression that they were keeping a M-F work schedule.

    Obviously, they want to build this monstrosity before the lawsuit takes hold.