Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bright Lights, Big City

The Wilson L station has gotten even more TLC from the CTA. We spotted workers installing new, fluorescent lighting under the platform canopy today. These lights are SUPER bright. The new lights were visible tonight on the Lawrence platform (from quite a distance) and they definitely are an improvement. Now, about those loooooong vacant Wilson L storefronts...


  1. I just want to give the CTA some small bit of credit. While they may not be doing as much, nor going as fast as we would like, they are definitely listening to our concerns.

    Nobody from the CTA has told us to F-off or move to a different El Stop if we didn't like the one at Wilson.

  2. Happy to see all these improvements, but do they mean that a Montrose L stop was just a rumor?

  3. The CTA wanted to put an EL stop at Montrose, but quite simply, the porject is on the way back burner because quite simply there is no money. So, don't hold your breath.

    Wow. I am more responsive than our alderman!! ;-)

  4. Just think... if the CTA would have sold the 6 acres of WY for what it was worth instead of giving it to a politically connected developer for a tiny fraction...