Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brendan Shiller Loses Marquee Case

Looks like it was a rough week in court for the 46th Ward's attorney of choice (not to mention its favored son real estate broker):

Wildman Harrold and Lewin & Lewin Win Seventh Circuit Reinstatement of Judgment for Terror Victims: After seven long years of litigation, Wildman Harrold -- and the family of a young man killed in a 1996 drive-by Hamas shooting in Israel -- received a measure of vindication last week, when an en banc panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit reinstated a $156 million judgment against two U.S.-based Islamic groups. [...] The two organizations that are subject to the en banc decision are effectively defunct. Brendan Shiller, a sole practitioner who represents the American Muslim Society, says his clients assets were wiped out after the 2004 jury decision.


  1. Wow, who names their kid Wildman. I thought was a joke. I'll name my kid Crazyperson.

  2. Confused, you are confused! "Wildman Harrold was founded in 1967 by Max Wildman, Bernard Harrold, Thomas D. Allen, and Stewart S. Dixon." www.wildman.com

    But I really look forward to meeting your kid Crazyperson someday!

  3. You stay classy, Brendan.

    "says his clients assets were wiped out after the 2004 jury decision."


  4. Don't worry Brendan, after we close Gitmo you will have a whole pool of new clients to defend.

    Nice to see there are fine groups working hard under US Law and using US freedoms to funnel money to Hamas and other Anti American/Anti Semetic causes.

    Way to help out the cause and wipe them out of money Brendan!

  5. Why the heck would Brendan Shiller be involved in this case? The defendants in the case is the Islamic Association of Palestine, a known front operation in the United States for Hamas, and Mohammad Salah, himself a known Hamas operative.

    I wonder if IAP or the American Muslim Society owns property in and around Uptown. The Boim's are essentially going to be able to assume control of these assets or force their mortgage holders to liquidate these assets.

  6. you forgot poker ace!

    State of Illinois | Division of Professional Regulation License Look Up

    sonny-boy's RE broker license, originally issued 5/02/07, expired 4/30/08 and was not renewed

    oh, well. most people have like 2.3 careers

  7. Damn,

    that was quick. I hope my bringing his having a RE brokers license into public view didn't cause him to give the license up.

    That would cause me pain and indigestion.

    More likely he just decided that moneymaking opportunities in the RE field were drying up. Yea, that has to be it.