Friday, December 19, 2008

And Then There Was Light, And It Was Good

A reader sends us a photo showing new lighting that is now helping to illuminate the parking lot at Dearborn Grocer on Montrose. We are happy to see that Dearborn is working to make sure its customers and residents are safe. No sign of the loiterers who used to call this parking lot home. Funny how that happens!


  1. Since I was one of the many who called and emailed about this, would you mind reposting the zoning contact and Dearborn rep. so we can thank them for doing this. I think that kind of community gratitude is in keeping with the spirit of what UU strives to accomplish. Also, it's the holiday season! Thanks!

  2. Alex G. Olejniczak
    Vice President of Operations
    Dearborn Wholesale Grocers