Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ald. Shiller Votes To Increase Parking Meter Fees

A reader writes in:

Regarding today's 40-5 (5 abstaining) City Council vote to increase parking meter fees, which Ald. Shiller voted "yes" to:

"A sad day in Chicago as we allow the bobbleheads to sell away our assets because no one in city government knows what they're doing.

If ever there were a strong case to be made for TiF reform, that time is now.

Remember, the Mayor has the better part of a billion (that's with a "B") dollars stashed in the TiF coffers.

Schools, police, snow removal, the poor, the needy, the tax payers ... everyone suffers, and Shiller stands mum because she made a sweet deal with Mayor.

It's not my kind of town anymore."


  1. isn’t corruption just so expensive… a billion dollars sits in TIF funds to feed corruption and the most regressive taxing system along with the highest service charges/fees are used to close budget gaps… and this is done by the most left leaning political machine in the country with support of the 'guardian angel(s)' of the poor… they all need to go…

  2. "5 abstaining"

    just to pick a minor nit

    Council rules require an "aye" or "nay"

    to abstain if you are present you have to ask the body for permission not to vote as a separate motion, that didn't happen yesterday

    apparently 5 aldermen were not there, either on account of the short notice (the meeting was called Monday December 1, 2008 at 3 p.m) or because they walked out

  3. Maybe this will help cover the cost of the aldermens raises. Besides it is the only play in their one paged-play book.

  4. She needs to pull her head out of Daley's ass long enough to smell the sh*t.


    She's shoulder-deep in Hizzoner's posterior with the "agreement" that she has with him.

    As long as he's willing to stay out of her way with Wilson Yard (yet ANOTHER reason why the city's response to the FWY lawsuit will be so telling), she'll be more than happy to snuggle even closer to the man's duodinum and be the good flying monkey she signed up to be.