Thursday, December 4, 2008

23rd District Ranks 2nd In Increased Overall Crime

This story is from a few weeks back, but a reader alerted us to the fact that according to this ABC7 story, the 23rd District, which includes Uptown, ranks number 2 for overall increase in crime in the city. Check out the whole story here, along with video.


  1. To quote a great Marine.. "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!"


  2. To quote a not so great city employee, “Only Heaven has no crime.”

  3. I believe Herts Rent-a-Car had it right. We're #2 so we try harder.

    I am sure if we each make a little effort, we can become #1.

    Then we could take true pride in our community and have T-shirts printed!

  4. Then we could take true pride in our community and have T-shirts printed!

    But not oversized white t-shirts.

  5. Todd - it's Avis - We Try Harder...(Hertz is number one)

    Regardless, your thoughts are spot on! I'll take a large t-shirt.

  6. We Uptowners are blighted to tell you we have ascended ranks! Our #2 overall ranking proves Uptown is the first loser! So come on out and shoot your pistol in the air and celebrate!

    wait, i just got it, damn...

  7. I would love to see the look on the face of Commissioner Boehmer, who once told a large group of us at a CAPS meeting that the 46th Ward has the, and I quote, 'Lowest Crime in the City' according to 911 call records. But then I asked how those numbers are determined... and got a real eye opener for how the city determines 'crime rates.' We laughed at her then...

    Wonder if she's laughing now?

  8. When you have low crime any increase equals a high percentage increase.

    The 23rd district still has low crime when compared the the rest of the city.

  9. NM, you are so right with that statistic.

    Now, if you look at drug-related crimes in various census tracts within the 23rd Police District (which includes much of Lincoln Park and Lakeview), you'll find that only two census tracts within this entire police district are well above the 90th percentile in high rates of arrests: The boundaries of these combined census tracts go from Lawrence on the north, Clarendon on the east, Montrose on the south, and Clark on the west.

    So yes, crime is low in the 23rd Police District, but drug-related arrests are exponentially high in 2 census tracts in Uptown...which includes the Wilson Yard. Within these census tracts, there are some hot spots of crime, and it's these hot spots that have caused many residents some concern.

    So telling people that crime is low in the 23rd Police District has little meaning to those of us (me included) living in areas of Uptown where drug trafficking is high. I think it's important to know this because I want those of us living in these 2 census tracts to be more vigilant about calling 911 when we suspect drug trafficking is occurring.

    I love living here and I think with hard work we can drive down the drug trafficking. But like AA says, the first thing one has to admit is that there's a problem.... and we have a problem. Working together we can come up with some great solutions.

  10. James you are correct. The point I was making is about the headline shocker. We are #2. It's all relative and based on perception of the crime in front of you.

    Also if you look at the stats the increase is in thefts from auto (amazing how many people leave their GPS in the car), burglary, and street robberies. Not drugs.