Monday, November 10, 2008

Town Hall Meeting Tonight

Reminder that tonight is the second Uptown Town Hall meeting. 6pm at Truman College.

This meeting is happening because residents like you and me asked for it. And -- unbelievably -- some of our elected officials heard us and did something about it. Thank you, Sen. Steans and Rep. Harris, for listening. We're not exactly used to it.

Lots of good things came out of the first meeting this summer, and smaller meetings have built on those suggestions. Please come tonight to hear what's been happening and let your voice be heard. It's not often we're given this chance.


  1. I hope lots of people come to have their voices heard about the safety that is needed in our neighborhood. You are right UU it is not often that I get the chance to see people's concerns get heard in this neighborhood. This will only continue for as long as voters demand it by showing up to these types of meetings. It is always easy to make excuses for why you could not come try to make this a priority.

  2. i am thinking about long will it last?

  3. The last one lasted a couple of hours.

    The board was pretty keen on sticking to the time table and I'd assume they will do so, again.

  4. i'll be there! then at Nick's for a beer or two afterwards!

  5. I can't make it tonight, so I hope someone will be able to post a summary after the meeting.