Friday, November 7, 2008

Tow Time On Agatite

A frustrated reader writes in:

"I live on Agatite and I have an issue of immediate concern that may affect individuals in the neighborhood. I have been parking in the lot owned by the Sisters of Marysville for nearly two years. I have a valid parking permit that is displayed in my window. Last night I parked my car along the fence line on Agatite as I have many times before. However, my car was towed this morning even though the car was not blocking the turn around. I called Helen Shiller's office to complain and spoke to Denice Davis, who informed me that you could not park along the fence line. There are no signs to this rule, and Davis stated she will be going out today to put up "temporary" no parking signs (a day late and a dollar short for me). I have included photos taken this morning at approximately 10 am that show there are no "no parking" signs. In addition, on the back of the permit, they indicate individuals cannot park along the fence line that borders Clarendon (there are even no parking signs posted there). I have included photos of these slots as well, and as you can see these cars were not towed (but I would assume they are fair game). If you could let the good folk out in Uptown know about these new parking restrictions that Shiller has decided to impose without notice to the public.

As an afterthought, I suggested to Davis that we meet to discuss the larger issues concerning parking (for example the face there are no parking lines painted in the lot) and the fact that the lot is too crowded due to Shiller's over issuance of parking permits. Davis dismissed this as not of pressing concern to the neighborhood, and suggested that the residents could raise money themselves to paint new lines. Davis's arrogance concerning this situation was simply stunning.

Please consider posting something about this on the blog, as the word about the indiscriminate towing needs to get out."


  1. Davis dismissed this as not of pressing concern to the neighborhood, and suggested that the residents could raise money themselves to paint new lines.

    Fine, Denise, we'll pay for all the services that we want. But, see, that's what TAXES are for. We pay, you listen, you do. That's how it works.

    I'd be more than happy to pay for my own services if it meant no more of my tax money went to support the do-nothing arrogant morons on Ald. Shiller's staff.

    All I can say is, I just can't WAIT to see what they'll do when Helen ain't there to back up their ignorant behavior.

  2. When Helen is gone, the new, presumably "non-shiller" alderman will replace the staff.

  3. Helen and Denice Davis are the rudest people that where suppose to serve the public.....Don`t forget them when we vote and remember vote them out before they completely destroy our uptown area we all love...............

  4. Hi--I am the one who had his car towed and dealt with Ms. Davis this morning. In the spirit of fairness, I have been also dealing with Yvonne Odell, who has been absolutely fantastic.

    Just don't park along the fence line on Agatite or in any other spot that might not be considered by Rendered Services to be a parking space.