Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Presidential Election Results


  1. http://www2.chicagoelections.com/race_results.php?id=1714


  2. I am hopeful,and proud of my country for the first time!Grant Park was amazing and history was made,thank you all who voted and voted dem. we did it,and it's about time!!!Now I don'r have to leave the country.Your president is Barack Obama!!!!!

  3. I fell asleep.

    Has McCain pull it out yet?

    Did Sarah speak?


  4. proud of my country for the first time!

    Given the millions of great deeds the US has done for the world, this comment is disgusting.

  5. "I am hopeful,and proud of my country for the first time!"

    It's a sad comment indeed.

    I've been "proud" of our country several times before as well as now. I've been ashamed by my country several times as well as now. Two states and probably a third, California, are adding discrimination to their constitutions.

  6. tnt,

    Again, you are clearly one of those people. You have no idea, but I also helped Obama win, so I am not sure what I can be a sore loser about. That was still a dumb statement.

  7. tnt - wow... that's all I can say. I'll assume you're at least 18. So, in your lifetime you haven't been proud of:
    1. Pakistan earthquake relief. The US was the ONLY country that provided massive help right away
    2. Tsunami relief. First responders were... US Navy
    3. The MILLIONS of immigrants who have came here and realized the American dream
    4. The RECORD BREAKING generosity we've seen in the past 10 years of donations to charity.

    The list goes on and on.. but to only be proud of replacing a President is remarkably short sighted.

    I'm proud to see a minority become Pres as well (even though I voted for McCain). But I've been proud of this country many times over before Obama was even a name we knew.

    I'm NOT absolving this country of all the bad stuff, but the US has done a LOT of good for the world.

    Ease up on the self hating stuff...

  8. tnt, you are so divisive. Believe it or not, the overwhelming majority of people who post here are liberal and supported, donated to and voted for Obama.

    Crazy to call us "poor losers." Do you have to make EVERYONE the enemy? Even the ones who vote like you do?

    Gosh, you're a frustrating piece of work.

  9. There are a couple of legitimate right-wingers who post on this site, but most are Democrats or at least Democrat-leaning.

  10. I proudly lean right. But at the same time I'm also liberal on many social issues (legalize drugs, etc). If anything, I only lean right because they are closer to what I want; less gov't. Well, they're supposed to be at least...

    That being said, I can still respect and appreciate what Obama has done.

    I'm cautiously optomistic that he's not going to rule as much to the left as his supporters assume...