Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Updated: Water Main Break At Kenmore & Winthrop

We have heard from several readers that there has been a sewer collapse at Kenmore and Winthrop (near Kenmore and Wilson). We have also heard that Winthrop will become TWO LANES (instead of one way) starting Monday. We would appreciate any pics or info readers in the area have to offer. Our Uptown infrastructure is crumbling all around us, but it's great to know that the TIF is being used in such wise ways in our neighborhood.

Someone "in the know" tells us that this was a water main break and not a "sewer collapse" as reported by someone in Ald. Shiller's office.


  1. No sewer cave in this is a false alarm

  2. I got two calls from Ald. Shiller's office saying the same thing in the UU blurb. "Sarah" was the one who left the messages.

  3. They are crazy, there is no sewer collapse.