Monday, November 24, 2008

Gas Line Ruptured On Leland

From Truman Square Neighbors:

"While performing construction today on the curbs along Leland Avenue (Kenmore through Winthrop), a gas line was ruptured. Peoples Gas is repairing the break.

If you live in this area you may need to relight the pilot lights on your stove. If you do not have an auto-igniter on your water heater and furnace you will also need to light those pilot lights.

People's Gas has advised this is not an emergency if you address the issue soon, but If you do not relight your pilot lights, your unit/house will slowly fill with toxic carbon monoxide gas.

Additionally, if you have a neighbor you feel would not get this note, please pass this important safety information onto them -or- if a neighbor has already left for Thanksgiving, try to contact them to see if they have someone who can address the pilot light(s) in their unit/house for them while they are away."



    There will not be Toxic Carbon

    Monoxide Gas emitted, but flammable

    Natural Gas.

  2. ** UPDATE **

    Peoples Gas has advised TSN that if you live on the block of 4600 N Kenmore or the south end of the 4700 Block of Kenmore (corner of Leland), these are the specific areas impacted. The Winthrop area is NOT impacted.

    Peoples Gas has restored service to the area of 4700 N Kenmore. If you're home they will turn your unit's gas on from the main meter room and then relight your stove, water heater, and furnace pilot lights, and clothes dryer (if needed). Their trucks will be outside all night, just go speak with them.

    If you are currently not home, they will not turn the gas on to your unit from the main meter room.

    The Peoples Energy service technician said you will have to contact them directly to get your unit's gas back on and get your pilot lights relit. For the next several hours they will be on the 4600 block of North Kenmore, so he suggested simply finding them in their Peoples truck/van. If you get home and there are no Peoples trucks in the neighborhood, or you can't find a service technician you can call them at 866-556-6001.


    * carbon monoxide detectors save lives
    * if your carbon monoxide unit is older than 3 years-replace it
    * replace the batteries every year

  3. Can anybody get out there and take a picture, or determine who the contractor was? It is important.

  4. If anybody sees any work being done at that corner, please take a close look. Let me know who is doing the digging at that location. It is a long story, but thanks if you can help. That is not the first utlity that they hit.

  5. I was told that the city water people hit a gas line and people's gas was in the area to fix everything.

  6. Thanks Ralph for pointing that out. I hope other people noticed it as well.

  7. MAtthew, that doesn't sound likelt. If they were fixing the curbs, then it woulnd't be water. I'll find out more today.

  8. Hey Falco,

    I don't know if you know, but the water line on the corner of Winthrop and Kenmore was ruptured on November 14. I called 311 to report it at 6:04 AM. It was like a geyser shooting water 20 feet into the air. Thought you might like the info.

  9. Thanks, I saw it. I drove passed it on my way to my office that day.

  10. OKAY thanks for the 311 call. Again, this kind of a long story, but if anybody sees work being done by private contractors at the location, please post.