Thursday, November 6, 2008

Further Proof That Wilson Yard Will Not Be Mixed-Income Housing

We've just seen how devious the players can be regarding the affordable housing picture in the 46th Ward. Well, here are some facts that demonstrate that the alderman's statements about the Wilson Yard Housing being "mixed-income" are untrue. We just got this from the legal folks at Fix Wilson Yard:

Despite the message coming from the Alderman's Office, here is further proof that the family housing for Wilson Yard will now be 80 units of 100% low-income housing. The document is titled "Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Extended Use Agreement", which has been executed by Peter Holsten and recorded with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds.

Fix Wilson Yard greatly needs your support in moving forward with litigation to prevent the development of the current Wilson Yard Redevelopment Plan as it focuses on a failed housing model. We ask that you sign our petition at and make a donation at

This is our last chance to ensure a positive future for all in Uptown.


  1. Why is this not surprising? Shiler's focus is to get as many low-income residents into the ward to grow her power base.

  2. This may be something to discuss at the next Town Hall meeting on November 10. Perhaps a few thousand copies of the first page of this document could be handed out.

  3. Poor Helen! Poor Peter!

    It's just so damned inconvenient when the people you've been lying to for years have the facts at hand.

  4. Where does it say 100%? Just curious. I only see the line about 40%.

  5. Nevermind. I see it. 80 out of 80. Is 80 the total amount of units for this entire building? That doesn't seem to big. I mean for a tower, that is.

  6. There are probably more than 80 units. This only appears to be a declaration of what will be built to qualify for the low income housing tax credits.

    The "low income, very low income, and extremely low income" units are likely still in play.

  7. They still seem to be having one hell of a time draining the site. I'm hoping that an unstable construction site and cold weather buy some time for FWY!

  8. Thanks Helen..your the best!

    Im going to go put my head in the stove now...

  9. On an unrelated note....just got back from a 10 day trip to Tokyo, and I couldn't help but notice that 99% of Tokyo is crime/gang/litter free. (official stats)
    I thought about the 'slum-bubble' being created before our eyes here in Uptown.

    What a sick slap in the face.....anything Shiller touches is aiming for the LOWEST possible result, while somehow (in her eyes only) a noble higher goal?

    She's got alot in common with Godzilla (pardon the Tokyo pun)

  10. From what I've gathered recently, this does refer to all the units, but 60% of AMI is about $40,000 or maybe $45,000 (can't remember exactly) for a family of four, so we're not exactly looking at abject poverty.

  11. 60% at or below the AMI.

    There is a ceiling but no floor. It would be nice to know what rents Holsten would be looking to charge in these units.

  12. There is a floor. LIHTC funded properties are not like public housing. There are minimum incomes because people pay a set rent according to the %age of AMI being targeted. 60% AMI income limits for Chicago in 2008:
    1-person household 42200
    2-person household 48250
    3-person household 54250
    4-person household 60300
    5-person household 65100
    6-person household 69950
    7-person household 74750
    8-person household 79600