Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chi-Town Daily News: Uptown Voting Going Well (Mostly)

Voting going well, officials say; minor glitches here and there

BY PETER SACHS (Chi-Town Daily News), November 04, 2008 12:00 PM

Voting appeared to be going smoothly at a number of Uptown polling stations today, even as several had passed 50 percent turnout before noon.

At the Uptown branch of the Chicago Public Library on West Buena Avenue, about a dozen people were waiting for the polls to open by 6 a.m., said Dassin Wallace, a poll worker there. And for the next three hours, there was a steady stream of people coming in to vote there.

"People were very patient and understanding," she says. By 9:30 a.m., about 200 people had turned in their ballots at that polling station, based on the electronic tally of a ballot counting machine.

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  1. I served as a first-time election judge in precinct 3 (Addison --> Broadway --> Waveland --> Pine Grove) and people were lined up 30 minutes before the polls opened. Voters told us they waited for 50 minutes in a line that stretched down Waveland to Broadway. There were three precincts in our polling place (3, 24, 37). Everyone was very patient and calm, no problems. My precinct's line finally "ended" at 7:45am and slowed to a steady drip for the rest of the day, no late-afternoon surge. At the end of the evening, a pollwatcher told me 90 percent turnout for our precinct of 700 voters.