Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Are Your Property Taxes Too High? Ald. Shiller Can Help

Are your property taxes too high?

Please join Alderman Helen Shiller, Alderman Tom Tunney and the Cook County Board of Review for a Real Estate Tax Outreach Seminar.

December 1, 2008 is the last day to file an appeal with the Board of Review for properties in the Lakeview Township. Appeal applications will be available at the seminar. You may complete and submit your appeal at this meeting. Please bring your recent property tax bill.

Please join us at this Outreach Seminar.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 19th @ 7pm
WHERE: Gill Park, 825 W. Sheridan


  1. What does Wilson Yard have to do with appealing property tax increases?

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  3. I know what I'll be doing on the 17th.

    Hi, Helen. How ya doin?

  4. What does BillyJoe have to do with Uptown?

    Here I will type slowly and use small words so you can understand BJ.

    TIF=Property Tax Diversion

    That diversion= higher property taxes to the tune of 500 million yankee dollars per year in the city.

    Now take your meds........

  5. So what do TIFs have to do with APPEALING property tax increases?

    My condo association didn't reference TIFs to get ours lowered. We applied, a lawyer stated our case, they were lowered.

  6. Phred,

    you appeared on this site and blogger in the last few days.

    Create a few more identities for yourself, ok.

    I personally like to think of myself as Batman.

    What do TIFS have to do with getting assessments lowered? Nothing directly.

    What do they have to do with getting property taxes lowered? Much.

    Phred, silly name you should have something cool like Phred the Pirate or Phred the Phooool.

  7. (Drunken lush) Irish Pirate wrote:

    What do TIFS have to do with getting assessments lowered? Nothing directly.

    Thanks for confirming that. I now realize it has nothing to do with your little bitch-queen rant about Helen Shiller.

  8. Phreddie,

    I'm in too good a mood to joust with you. Anyway being a bitch queen means I need to go get a manicure and find a dress to complement my future rants.

    Now you and BillyJoe head over to Clark Street and drink some brewskies at your fav formerly country bar.

  9. phred, per Mike Quigley, all the many TIFs have raised our taxes by at least 10%. What's worse, that's about $500,000,000 of our tax dollars where there is no accounting. That affects all of us whether we own or rent because someone has to pay for all of this.

    Now your favorite alderman Helen has never seen a TIF that she didn't vote for and she also votes for every tax increase that she comes across. Your alderman has sold out and you still seem to believe there's a free lunch.

    phred, don't bother offering the kool aide. I caught on to Helen and her bag of tricks a long time ago.