Sunday, November 16, 2008

The 411 From The SSA

Well, it's official. In its most recent mailing, the SSA Commissioners explained their decision not to decorate Uptown for the holidays this year:

"At its October meeting, the SSA #34 Advisory Commission voted to forego holiday decorations this year. In the past two holiday seasons, the SSA funded the installation of live balsam wrap, bows, and/or wreaths on a selection of streetlight poles in Uptown. The Commissioners felt that, given the unknown effect of the economic downturn on the property taxes collected to fund the SSA coupled with concerns of inadequate coverage throughout the area, it was prudent to not spend the upwards of $20,000 tax dollars and instead revisit the possibility of holiday decorations in 2009. Also, the Commissioners have been approached by the community to consider reallocating more of its 2009 budget and any of its 2008 carryover to activities related to public safety [note from UU: those are blue light cameras they're referring to]."


  1. As a resident that pays the SSA tax, which is above and beyond the normal property taxes, I cannot begin to say how disappointed I am in this decision.

    And to be frank, their explanation of it being because of the economy is completely bogus.

    The entire point of them not using the money is to add additional blue light cameras. Now, I am having a HUGE fundamental problem with this for a couple of reasons.

    One, this is NOT the reason that the SSA was set up for. And I plan on challenging this decision in court if it comes forth. This is a public safety issue, not an issue for the SSA.

    Secondly, there is NOTHING that will drive property values down even faster than having blue light cameras everywhere you look. It just screams that the neighborhood is under attack. I assume after the addition of 5 more blue lights, it is only a matter of time before spot lights start criss-crossing the sky and barbed wire fencing and guards with tall fur hats and foreigh accents start manning the entry onto particular streets.

    The SSA should use the money that I AM PAYING for its stated reason. NOT for public safety issues that affect ALL property owners...

  2. And if you really want to monitor criminal activity in Uptown and add additional blue light cameras, perhaps they should ring the hell hole known as Wilson Yards, where our tax money is being stolen and wasted... and at least we will have specific recorded evidence of grand theft

  3. economy my ass and thank you summed it up wonderfully...

    perhaps Dick Daley could lay off 1/2 of his PR staff to free up some funds for this city...of course City Hall is looking festive already with the greenery in all the planters...

    Oh BTW, thanks Dick Daley for the fabulous Obama signs.....