Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wilson Yard Progress Update

The Wilson Yard site at Broadway and Sunnyside, as seen this afternoon.


  1. LMAO

    What a great picture!!

    Good job..

  2. A very familiar scene in Uptown.....the cart-caravan.
    Speaking of which, I emailed the corporate headquarters of 'Dearborn Grocers' about the crazy encampment in the lot of the store on Montrose.
    No response as of yet.
    It seems like the police addressed the issue last year, but lately they've turned a blind eye to the zombie-like woman who begs for money from passing cars...and the crazed woman who relieves herself in the lot.
    It's a given, that the police are more than busy here in Uptown, but it's always a concern when residents are harassed by these squatters.

    Again....this nonsense happens within a few hundred feet of the the 46th ward office, and the message they are sending is 'it's OK'

  3. Might I add.....if this is always going on in the lot. at Dearborn Grocery....WHAT will be the norm 1/4 of a block west, at the future Wilson Yard?

  4. The Clarendon Park side of the Marysville building has also become a refuge for squatters. I drove by this morning, and at least a half dozen people had made camp under the entrance at the corner of Montrose and Clarendon. I'm assuming the 3-4 who use the back of the building as their campsite, were there as well....

  5. J2C - i hear ya. unfortunately my bedroom window looks over Maryville and I'm seeing more and more campers every night. However, cops chased them out last night....it'll be interesting to see if they stay on top of it...

    911 everyone....

  6. Forgive me for not knowing this, but is the Dearborn Grocery ever open? Is it a wholesaler? Or an abandon building?

    I never see any activity there besides, you know, our ladies. But then again, I'm not around during the day.

  7. Yes Dearborn is open. Seems to me the problem is to big for them to handle.
    I did see a manager out talking with police a few days ago. I noticed the crowd moved 200 feet north to the alley resting up on someones home. This seems to be a revolving issue. Crowd gets to big, police move them, they move back in a few days or hours later.

    What to do? Helen welcomes them to the area then takes no responsibility for them once they are here. UPTOWN.

  8. What is Dearborn's email and phone 3?

  9. I emailed them at dearbornwholesale.com, and still haven't heard

    The number is 773-254-4300