Monday, October 27, 2008

Weis Promises Police Beat Realignment

Buried in Friday afternoon news, where it was likely to get less media attention, was this policing bombshell. Other districts have specifically mentioned that the 23rd District should give up some staffing to other districts with higher overall crime rates. Those of us in the crime-ridden Uptown end of the 23rd District would like to see some of those excess 23rd District coppers assigned to our end of their district for a change. We notice that the realignment factors don’t take into account staffing needs for ongoing city events, such as CUBS games and massive Park District Lakefront events, which pull forces out of Uptown each and every summer.
Read the story at Fox Chicago here.


  1. Chicago has a population of 2,873,790 and a murder rate of 426.

    NYC has a population of 8,274.527 and a murder rate of 417.

    If NYC had the same percentage of murders as Chicago, it's murder rate would be 1,226. Chicago, we've got a problem.

  2. Another example of our "illustrious" city government treating the symptoms while ignoring the disease.

    Shifting police coverage seems reminiscent of a Titanic deck chair realignment policy.

    When a city has the ability to spend tax payer money on $400k(ish) low-income housing units(not to mention millions on an Olympic bid and all sorts of other pet projects) while letting the police department succumb to fiscal atrophy, there's a serious, serious problem.

    The main task of a well run governing body is to provide for the common defense - is it not?

    Weis can make whatever promises he wants. The mayor can rain all sorts of platitudes upon all of us peasants; but the fact remains that unless and/or until our "elected" officials start to make significant shifts in priorities ... we are just screwed.

  3. If and when beat realignment comes, you can be rest assured you are going to see less officers. So to be clear, what beat realignment means is that they will reduce the amount of beats in a given district which means they don't need as many officers. The extra officers will be sent to the south or west sides. Since 023 has a relatively low crime rate compared to other districts, who can bet you bottom dollar that 023 is one of the districts that will be realigned. BTW, in case you don't know, your gang teams are pulled out of your district on a regular basis and sent, usually out west.

  4. One more thing. Because most districts in Area 3 which is comprised of 019,020,023 and 024 experience relatively low amounts of crime, I suspect that all of them will see a reduction in beats and manpower. The only exception MIGHT be 024 because of all the districts in A/3, 024 probably has the highest amount of reported crime. I suggest you monitor this and be prepared to take action.