Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WAMA Holiday Decoration Viewing

Dear Businesses and Residents,

Wilson Area Merchants Association has been hard at work to put a plan in place this Holiday that will help to bring even more beauty and spirit to Uptown this Season. WAMA will hopefully be placing beautiful ornaments on some trees on commercial streets throughout Uptown. Our association will also be requesting that business owners install white lights inside their business windows. The goal is to have a common Holiday decorations theme among all businesses in Uptown.

On Tuesday, November 11th at 6:30pm, please come visit Unique So Chique, and possibly Alma Pita, to see a viewing of the Holiday Decorations. At that time (or you may do so in advance) we will take orders from those businesses who would like to particpate in the community decorating. The cost of the decorations is anywhere between $150 and $200 per business for all decorations and lights. These are very reasonable wholesale prices. WAMA will have the ornaments delivered to one location in Uptown on November 24th where you may go and pick them up. All businesses will also be responsible for hanging their own decorations, but WAMA will be glad to offer helpful installment tips. Now, the more businesses that particpate, the greater the price break. So let's go, businesses of Uptown. These decorations and ornaments are a long-term investment. Hopefully next year we can build on the existing ornaments to add even more beauty to Uptown. So please, do not dispose of these ornaments. Save the ornaments until next Year!!!

We recommend that you stop by Unique So Chique sooner than November 11th (if you can) to place your order. The wholesaler has a somewhat limited stock and once the ornaments are gone, they are gone. We will probably be able to get similar ornaments but they may not be exactly the same. We will do our best. We look forward to seeing you soon!! Thank you.

WAMA Team (


  1. Sigh...WHITE lights again? Am I the only one who's crazy-tired of this cliche? It was a lovely novelty when the Michigan Avenue merchants dressed up the Mag Mile in clear lights, but now that every neighborhood strip, not to mention private home, has taken the poison egg-nog (Kool-Aid is for summer, folks) it has become a tired, boring, monotonous bore! Come on, Wilson Merchants, do the multicolored-light thing and show some originality!!!

  2. Gayle - I for one prefer white lights, but overall I am thankful we even have an organization that is putting up lights! Thanks WAMA! If not for their efforts, we'd have no lights, wreaths, etc... at all.

  3. gayle, you sure seem to have a passive aggressive issue with wama. This isn't the first time you've torn them apart on this anonymous message board for volunteering their time and money to do something to improve our community.

    I'd suggest decaf.

  4. I'm in favor of any street-beautification scheme by any local organization, especially at the holiday season. I just wish there would be a bit more imagination involved, rather than the now-cliched white lights. One of my favorite December activities is driving through Sheridan Park in the evening and taking in all the beautiful decorative displays, especially that house on Malden or Beacon that did it all up last year in blue - you, too?

  5. Hey Gayle,

    Why don't you go buy some multi-colored (or blue) lights and donate them to any of your favorite struggling-in-this-economy businesses in Uptown (do you support any?)... and then you won't have to look at the white lights that WAMA has encouraged businesses to buy to help spread holiday spirit in the neighborhood.

    I highly doubt this is a matter of imagination, but rather of budgets in very tough economic times for businesses (not that they haven't *always* been tough trying to make ends meet in Uptown).

    Pitch in and help, I'm sure WAMA ... or any of the local businesses... would appreciate the help!

  6. "I'm in favor of any street-beautification scheme by any local organization, especially at the holiday season."

    Really? And you chose the word "scheme" because...

  7. We really need to support WAMA because rumor has it, the SSA has no funds for any holiday decorations on the light poles this year. Wonder where all the money went?

  8. "the SSA has no funds for any holiday decorations on the light poles this year"

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    I always wonder if Helen's puzzler gets sore when she plays these political mind games to piss off the bad apples and she doesn't get quite the reaction she thought she might.

    gayle, any thoughts? billyjoe?