Monday, October 13, 2008

Uptown Public Safety Meeting Tuesday

A reminder about the community Public Safety meeting to be held tomorrow evening at St. Augustine College at 7pm. Police commanders from the 23rd and 20th districts will be there, as well as Uptown elected officials. The Uptown resident who found Baby Wilson, and the police detective who located his mother, will be honored.
This meeting's goal is to build off the success and suggestions set forth at the highly-attended Town Hall meeting a few months ago. Another big turnout will show that we as a community are tired of crime in our community and that we want to create a safe Uptown for all residents.


  1. I'm sorry I had to miss the meeting......hope it was well-attended, and can't wait to hear the results!

    Also....were the Shiller-ites there, per the last meeting?
    Her glassy-eyed misguided supporters.....?
    (I know, since I was standing next to a few at the last gathering)

  2. It hasn't happened yet. You ain't missed it yet.

  3. I'm working my second job at nights between 6-10, and cannot attend. can someone please bring up teh issue that I posted here on several of the links-about what teh detectives told em--that they are not permitted to do anything about the violence--if they so much as make an arrest--they will risk a lawsuit. This is not an attack against the police--I empathize with them--but they cannot do their jobs without the support of the entire administration behind them. There's not much we can do as a community if teh police are telling us that tehy are powerless against the gangs.