Friday, October 24, 2008

Fontana Grill Open At 11am For Lunch

If you were looking for a new place to try for lunch in Uptown, then look no further than "Fontana Grill" at Wilson and Beacon. A reader just sent us a scanned lunch menu (click to enlarge) to make your selection a bit easier. We can highly recommend the Fontana Burger and any of the pizzas.
UPDATE: Call ahead for carryout orders at 773-561-0400. Also, be sure to check out the Yelp listing for Fontana Grill here.


  1. At the risk of being a pest, can you blow it up a little more and maybe heighten the contrast. It's a little hard to read. But then, I wear bifocals, so...

  2. Try it now, MotS.

    I haven't been there for lunch, but the pollo parmagiana I had for dinner was to die for. I'm usually pretty pedestrian in my choice of restaurants, so I'm surprised how much I'm craving a return visit.

    Pretty reasonable, too. A friend and I split an appetizer and a dessert, and each had coffee, entree and side dishes, and it was about $27 apiece, including tax and tip. More than I can afford for an everyday place, but certainly a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and somewhere I'm really wanting to go back to.

  3. Since when were more than one pizza "pizza's" (see menu) ? I love the misuse of the apostrophe - it's everywhere nowadays !

  4. We stopped in for dinner this evening... we ordered the calamari for an appetizer which was tender and battered nicely; for our main course we had the Margherita pizza with prosciutto, it was yummy and fresh, but it could use a bit more cheese and meat..we brought our own wine (no corkage fee) to compliment the meal. They offer nice cake desserts, but I don't think it was printed on the menu, so it was a nice surprise....We shared the tiramisu and it was delicious, the portions are generous...Mike was our waiter and he was fun to talk to -- asked for feedback on everything..staff seems very nice! The dinner was $26, very reasonable. They expect their liquor licensed to be approved in a matter of weeks. The atmosphere and decor was dark and subtle, subdued and easy relaxing. We'll definitely be back.