Friday, October 31, 2008

48th Ward Targets Crime, 46th Ward...Not So Much

From the 48th Ward Update Newsletter:
To combat an increase in crime, Alderman Smith is working with the 48th Ward block clubs and community organizations on a number of public safety initiatives.

Last month, she hosted a "Troubled Buildings" Workshop where block club representatives and representatives of City and community agencies met to discuss how they can work together to tackle troubled buildings. Such buildings are the root of many of the public safety problems in the neighborhood., a community-driven website created by the Ward Office, connects neighbors to safety resources and activities in their area. From the website neighbors can learn about safety initiatives they can participate in, including Neighborhood Watches and Court Advocacy dates, and find out the locations of problem areas, troubled buildings and "hotspot" corners where illicit activity occurs.

The Ward office has printed Community Watch yard signs for Uptown. These signs, which are available from the block clubs, let everyone know the community is organized against crime and direct interested people to the website.

New police surveillance cameras and additional cameras at public elementary schools, funded by Alderman Smith, will complement these efforts.

Alderman Smith is dedicated to working with police and the community to improve the safety of our neighborhood. These initiatives will enable us to be proactive on public safety and effectively use all the resources our community has at hand.

For more information on these efforts, contact Dana Fritz, or 773-293-8413.

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