Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Write" To The Heart Of The Matter

Two letters to the editor in the current issue of the News-Star are of interest to Uptowners:

Sticking a pin in Wilson Yard: Thanks for a cogent article ["Back to the Drawing Board," News-Star, Sept. 11] that puts the pin to the hot-air balloon espoused by supporters of the project that you criticize. Few among us will argue against the need to assist those in need. Our social fabric is only as strong as the least of our fellows. But with such a concentration of economically impoverished in the Uptown census tract the truth is that no one is well served by the plan as it presently exists, not even the least of our fellows. [Read more]

Disputes Mercy Housing Lakefront: First, what do they need a symbolic wall for? ["Start the renovation," News-Star, Sept. 11] They should look to assimilate into the community, not wall themselves off from it. Second, may I suggest that they spend some money on better security and maintenance for their properties? Minimum-wage tenant receptionists do not have the skills or training to deal with on-site emergencies. [Read more]

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