Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uptown Property Taxes To Rise Average Of 6.8%

According to the Sun-Times (quoting the Cook County Assessor), Uptown property taxes will rise 6.8%. The median figure for 2006 was $2,687, and the median for tax year 2007 will be $2,870. Citywide, the median property-tax increase will be about 8 percent. Bills will mailed to homeowners beginning October 1st.


  1. Oh joy.

    I never mind sending my money to such efficient units of government as the city and county. I just love the idea of Daley, Stroger and Shiller spending my money for the benefit of all.

    Really I do. I mean it.

    More Wilson Yards! More highest tax rates in the nation. More contracts for mayoral nephews.

  2. Do you think an entire state ran by democrats would lower taxes?

  3. Highest sales tax in the country
    Highest crime rate in the country
    42 billion - worst pension debt in the country
    Worst ranked schools in the country
    Highest gas prices and gas tax in the country
    Among the highest property taxes

    Maybe Obama should start the "Change" here? Or is this the change he is talking about.

  4. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that "Pat" "Spam" and "Why Vote Democrat" are all the same person?

    I'm suspicious that way. New names all posting within a short period of time and likely created at the same time.


    Is that you George Bush? Shouldn't you be invading Canada or perhaps Spain? I hear McCain has a problema with the Prime Minister of Espana.

  5. You do have to admit that Chicago is 100% Democrat and it's going pretty crummy right now...

  6. I love Chicago, it to me is the greatest city with the best poeple. However, it is run by idiot and plagued by nepitism. What the city needs to do is clean house of ALL and start with a fresh batch...Republicans or Democrats no matter what party just officials who want to make this city run properly!

  7. Could be worse, our great state ran by all democrats just posted an unemployment rate of 7.3%. I'm starting to see the "Change" the democrat ticket is talking about.

  8. Um Pirate, you know I am not new but I agree with most of what they say.

    It's blows my frickin mind the stuff Chicago citizens have put up with.

    For a "libertarian" (your not even close) you sure do defend your local Dems at the drop of a hat.

    I know, I know evil John McCain's fault.

  9. Chipster,

    I wasn't defending the local dems. For the most part they are a bunch of corrupt hacks. As are many of the local and national Republicans.

    As for McCain I mock him because I mock everyone. I see Obama as being marginally better than him. Although I do admire the McCain economic policy of dumping injured first wife for the rich, younger wife. I would try it, but alas I am not a war hero. My medals are all for non combat BS like "showing up". I'm afraid no rich 20 something future drug addicts would find me attractive. Hell, I don't even find me attractive.

    I merely said that one person almost certainly posted 3 times using 3 names in a short period of time. Saying Republicans are better than Dems is like a crocodile calling an alligator ugly. One can do it, but it ain't intellectually honest. It is just my speling.

    Our government at nearly all levels needs an enema.

  10. "I merely said that one person almost certainly posted 3 times using 3 names"

    Merely said? You said a lot more than that.

    I do like the "Chipster" name though. Makes me feel like Pirates little brother.

    As my namesake might say..Im just jerking your chain.

  11. Why is an Irishpire so suspicious - HMMMMMM? But your suspicion would be wrong - Sorry.

    Why is it that when spam had all the facts correct you go back to George Bush? This maybe be news to you, he's not on the ballot. I love the way democrats avoid the facts. Then bing up something like your comment on invading Canada or Spain. Get some new talking points....

  12. Did you all get the message from Joe Biden? Paying taxes is the patriotic thing to do. That makes Chicago the most patriotic city in America!

  13. Oh yay--I can't even get someone to purchase my condo priced well below what I paid for it, and now I get rewarded with a higher tax bill!