Friday, September 5, 2008

News-Star: "Uptown Business Partners Celebrates 85th Anniversary"

Dinner, Gem Awards on Tap for September 11

Eighty-five years ago, a group of visionaries gathered to form the first business chamber for the burgeoning Uptown neighborhood. They built department stores, banks, elegant hotels, swinging jazz clubs, movie palaces and dry goods stores, many which remain neighborhood landmarks today.
Next Thursday, Sept. 11, Business Partners, the Chamber for Uptown, in conjunction with Uptown United, will celebrate its 85th anniversary with a silent auction and sit-down dinner at the Saddle and Cycle Club.

Click here for the entire article. Tickets are $100 and can be purchased online at For more information about Business Partners, the Chamber for Uptown or to reserve tickets for the annual dinner, call (773) 878-1064.


  1. Not to disparage the good works of UBP or the success of their celebration...but am I the only one who still gets a slight case of the "willies" at the thought of having any kind of "party" on this day? I'm not saying we have to spend the entire day in church wearing sackcloth & ashes or anything...but it still strikes me as a bit odd.
    OTOH I understand that this may have worked to the non-profit org's advantage since caterers have tended to slash their prices in order to get any kind of business.

  2. Gayle, I think it may have to do with the availability of a space large and fancy enough for a formal awards dinner. Could be that September 11th is available due to the notoriety of the date.