Saturday, September 13, 2008

News-Star Editorial: "Back To The Drawing Board"

Molly Phelan of Fix Wilson Yard wrote the guest editorial in this week's News-Star about the organization's viewpoint and reasoning. A very good read, in our opinion!

Wilson Yard Plan does not utilize best-use practices


I think I am like most people. If someone falls, you help them up. If you see trash on the sidewalk, you pick it up. If you see something wrong, you fix it.

That is why I am part of Fix Wilson Yard, a group of concerned citizens who oppose the Wilson Yard Redevelopment Plan. Since the Wilson Yard Plan's unveiling in 2005, it has dramatically changed from a vibrant mixed-use development to the current poorly designed development which irresponsibly uses tax increment financing to develop a flawed low-income housing model.

Read the entire editorial here.


  1. In the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" every time a bell rang an angel got its wings.

    In the movie "Fix Wilson Yard" every time an article appears Shiller gets angina.

    Just like the rain outside the truth can not be held back.

    Just call me Clarence. Make a donation to Fix Wilson Yard and the Guinness is on me.......literally it is on my belly right now as I type.

    Amusing pro Obama video. If I had any talent I would make a similar one for Wilson yard.

  2. We are lucky to have Molly on the case. Thank you Molly!!