Friday, September 26, 2008

Mayor Daley Comments On Uptown Theatre Sale

Below is an interview Mayor Daley had with Time Out Chicago. They asked him about the Uptown Theatre.

Read the entire interview here

TOC: In terms of music it looks like Uptown Theater finally has light at the end of its tunnel. What do you think restoration of that theater will do for the transitional Uptown neighborhood?

Mayor Daley: I think it will complement it. They need parking and good public transportation, a combination, and [adding Uptown Theater to the neighborhood’s other live-music venues] will reinforce us during the winter months and all that. In the summer, Lollapalooza is great. They’re usually out in cornfields when they get their events in other cities, and they lose it. Here they’re in downtown Chicago, next to the lakefront, the skyline, people use restaurants, people use hotels. It’s a huge event. Not only in Chicago, but people a couple of Americans in Beijing, they wanted to know, "When is Lollapalooza?" Because they were coming here in late August. I said, It’s over with. See the Jazz Festival. But Lollapalooza has become a real destination now. It’s done very, very well in terms of marketing. The bands are great. There is a lot of diversity in these bands. It’s well organized, but it’s the only one in a city. That’s what really makes it unique. You got public transportation. Friday when it started, I saw a lot of young people coming off the trains and the El and all that. It’s really worked out well. I think they’re going to sell out again next year. But I always think they have to do something different. They can’t keep it the same or else it’ll get boring and repetitious.


  1. did he just turn the question around so that he was talking about the downtown area again, or am i missing something like dop?

  2. OMG, he talks like Helen. A lot of words circling, meaning nothing.

    What I *think* he was trying to say is that people come from all over to Lollapalooza, and that if the Uptown is restored, it can be a similar winter music destination.

    But he could be talking about crop circles, too.

  3. I only read the first part and got bored reading about Lollopolloza. Does he not understand the question? Do we need to get him a translator? What is so hard about answering the question at hand, I mean Im no politician but i can come up with a better bullshit answer to a question i dont know how to answer.

    He could have just said "it should bring a nice improvement as more musical events are produced there the patrons to the theatre will want nearby food before the shows and bars after which will give a demand for more businesses to move in. As a large number of people will attend shows security and police presence will be bolstered around the area to keep the venues patrons safe which the higher police presence should deter the crime. Overall it should have a positive effect on the neighborhoods development."

    And i just pulled that out of my ass in 3 minutes, no need to change the subject to something that doesnt even happen in the neighborhood.

  4. It seems the emperor is not wearing any clothes and I would think most of us would expect more from a small town mayor. I have to admit though, this recent interview makes me realize that he's worse than I realized. Well, we have pretty flowers downtown so most of the city will keep excusing his behavior.

  5. He is going cracy. From his recent press comments calling GROD "Cookoo", or ranting about John Mcain adds. Most of his comments seemto be jibberish at best.

    Da Mayor may be in the first stages of dimentia.

  6. I think Da Mayor is taking lessons from Sarah Palin.

  7. Let's repeat this again, Mayor Daley. The question was "What do you think restoration of that theater will do for the transitional Uptown neighborhood?"

    How is it even possible to have an answer that does not include the words "the neighborhood"? It continues to be a mystery to me how he can get higher voting percentages in Uptown than his overall city average. Ask yourself---what has your mayor done for you lately? I mean, the guy isn't even bothering to pay lip service to us!

  8. It should also be noted that Dick Daley's transitioning mid-statement from JAM a Chicago-based organization who purchased the Uptown, to C3 a Texas-based company who runs Lollapalooza.