Saturday, September 6, 2008

Get Your ATM Cards Ready!

Update: Another reader writes in, "Today I just got some lunch at the Broadway Grill on the corner of Lawrence and Broadway and an employee of the Bank of America came in and introduced herself to the workers in the restaurant. She told me the bank will open on Monday, September 22."

The Bank of America is just about finished. A reader just sent in this photo this afternoon showing the completed corner column in brick and the windows that now have the Bank of America wrapping removed. If you get a chance, walk by and take a peek inside.


  1. Oddly enough, as I walked by here today at about 3 pm, a person asked me for money, and then spouted "the alderman wanted a soup kitchen here.....THAT should have been what went here"

    I was stunned on all levels.....

  2. If he was talking about Alderman Shiller, (not Alderman Mary Ann Smith) she did mention to the press once that a "boutique hotel" was looking at the space above, with "some kind of retail" below.

    Not sure if a "boutique hotel" is Alderman Shiller's way of saying "SRO," but that's what was said anyway. (Could the McJunkin building be their next planned location?)

    A soup kitchen isn't a great leap to imagine being the "some kind of retail" on the first floor. My guess is that the owner got a better offer from BOA.

  3. LOL a boutique hotel in Uptown. Now that is a funny way to start Monday morning. Thanks Zesty.

  4. What IS going in above the BOA? Anyone know?

  5. I've been wondering the same thing since they began the restoration!

  6. The ATMs are currently like yuppie venus fly traps. We are drawn to them but are stung by the fact that they are not yet open. We try to penetrate the vestibule but are then chomped by the ATM fees across the street!