Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fix Wilson Yard September Newsletter, $40,000 Raised

Good news from the folks at "Fix Wilson Yard." According to their September Newsletter, they have raised $40,000 from the contributions of concerned residents to file a lawsuit to stop the Wilson Yard plan in it's current form. They have also notified the city of their intent to file a lawsuit.

From the newsletter:

"Our lawyers are hard at work on the case, and we are getting closer to filing a complaint. On Thursday, September 4th they sent this letter to Mara Georges, Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago notifying them of our intention to file a lawsuit."

If you haven't made a tax-deductible donation yet, please click the yellow donate button up on the top right of Uptown Update. Also, sign up for the Fix Wilson Yard newsletter at their site. We are truly amazed at the generosity and fortitude of Uptown residents.


  1. Are there any fundraisers being set up like was done for the Day Labor lawsuit? I am sure many of us in the neighborhood would be more than happy to attend and contribute...

  2. We are nailing down a few dates. Should have something by the end of the week. Thanks to all for your support!

  3. I know those responsible for organizing “Fix Wilson Yard” stop by this blog from time to time. I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to do something about this extraordinarily important issue in our neighborhood. You have been very organized and have made it easy for the rest of us to get information and get involved with the process. Thanks for giving so much energy to this, there are so many of us we appreciate all the work.