Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daley At Stewart School Park Opening: Lack Of Police Not Affecting Public Safety

Read all about it at Clout Street here.

Today at the Stewart School Park Grand Opening:

Mayor Richard Daley on Saturday dismissed the notion that his administration’s failure to make good on a pledge to hire more police is affecting public safety, even as Chicago combats growing violent crime.

"No, no," said Daley when asked about the lack of new hires and the impact on city safety. When pressed, Daley bristled and said "It just won’t."


  1. I can think of one person who would agree with that. I think she was at the opening today well.

  2. Maybe Daley would get a better perspective, of what's going on in Shiller's ward, if he took a room at the Wilson Men's Club Hotel for a night or two.

  3. Excuse me...I was there this morning...this post has nothing to do with what went on this morning. Daley spoke only about the school/park district play lot and his beloved TIF. There were no words spoken about police numbers. Where did UU get this erroneous (and potentially libelous) info?

  4. Bradley.....why on earth would UU fabricate the synopisis?
    Could it be the facts spoken at the time differ from
    your agenda?

    My neighbor confirms the report, for what it's worth

  5. Bradster,

    calm down before you consult an attorney specializing in libel law.

    Perhaps call 911 and request am ambulance for hyperinternetventilation.

  6. Actually sue the Tribune Bradarmaadingdong.

    Read the link in the story. The Trib reported it.

  7. Brad, read all the way to the end of the story, where it says "Read all about it at Clout Street here." Click on the link.

    It quotes Daley extensively, and then says "His remarks Saturday came at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Uptown for a newly built playground at Stewart Elementary School, 4525 North Kenmore Ave."

    So maybe you missed it this morning in the public remarks, or maybe Daley had a press conference afterwards where those remarks were said.

    In any case, if there was an error or libel, it's not on UU's behalf.

  8. Bradley---Carlos was there, as were several other reporters. Daley spoke to the general public but also answered questions from reporters.

  9. havn't we learned not to answer the names that end in "y"

    Bradely, kenny, ally

  10. If Richy said those things in a press conference before or after the ceremony that should have been stated. The way the post was presented I interpreted to mean he said this in his prepared public presentation. I was actually concerned for UU because I do believe the blog has credibility and want to make sure the posts have been vetted. My partner was with me at the school yesterday and when he read the post he didn't remember it that way either. Jeeeeesh

  11. Looks like they moved the link to the top of the post to help those readers like Bradley. In Bradley's defense, maybe it's difficult to read a few lines of text to reach the part that says "read here" before jumping to conclusions.

  12. The young guy is looking (and acting) more and more like his old man every day...even dressing like him.

  13. Anyone else notice how badly little Richie needs a haircut?

    Now that isn't grounds for LIBEL.

  14. When a person runs for public office, he puts his character in issue so far as it relates to his fitness and qualifications for office; therefore, his conduct and actions are fair game for comment. Maag v. Illinois Coal. for Jobs, Growth, and Prosperity, 858 N.E.2d 967, 973 (Ill. App. Ct. 2006).

  15. I think it's less a matter of having more police, than holding the Daley administration accountable for the lack of support behind the police department. Not only ahve they not had a raise in three years, but they are apparently held accountable for any lawsuit that is filed against them any time they so much as tell a juvenile to break up activity, etc. That's why there are no arrects when there is gang activity or gang shootings, period. As least that is exactly what I was told the other night. The police can't speak up about this issue, or else they will risk losing their jobs. It's just gonna get worse folks. I was told that the gangs know that they rule the streets. I posted the following under the "rep Harris" Heading shortly after spending a few hours in the back seat of an unmarked police vehicle with detectives,for my own safety. This past Thursday night, a mob of about 15 teens/gang members and four of their "mothers" threatened my life on my street, after I asked one of the girls if she could quiet down. This, of course, was shortly after one of the boys smashed another's head in with a brick right outside of my home. As a side note-none of the participant teens or moms live on my street--but have been sure to be hanging out, threatening people on a daily basis, smashing crs, engaging in fights, and finally, on the night in question, threatening me, in front of the officers.

    Forget it guys--forget CAPS--forget rep Harris or anyone else for that matter. There's nothing we can do. Sorry. I don't mean to be dour, but I just got done driving around with two police detectives (was very nice of them to do so), because my life was threatened in front of them on my street by three mothers, 15 teens (some of them gangs), as they were mobbing my front door, and calling me a white bitch because I had a videotape of the one kids smashing another's head in with a brick( I got him pulling the brick out of the ground in front of my condo and throwing it --20 of them have been fighting, causing vandalism to cars, screaming about raping one another, etc, for 4 days ). I finally taped this activity from inside my home when I saw the kid take the brick and start throwing it. I told 911 I wanted to make a report but when I got downstairs their were 7 police cars and an ambulance b/c of the kid who was struck, and the police said they would get sued if I filed a report for disturbing the peace, and loitering/rioting even though the kids don't live on my street. Then the one child called her mother and screamed at the police that they're not afraid of him or me, and two mothers threatened my life, because I had asked her daughter to quiet down when I was talking to the police, and NOONE tells her daughter what to do. Another mother walked up (whose son was taken away for hitting the other kid in the head with the brick and started screaming at me because I would not exonerate her kid with my video-also threatening my life). I asked the detectives why they couldn't remove the mob so that I could get into my home--and they said that they cannot do anything anymore-they have no power; these "kids", parents, gangs, have power over them, and that they couldn't take a report from me, that they are basically not allowed to arrest people for anything anymore, because they get in trouble by the "administration" when they get sued, whether or not it's a frivolous lawsuit, they have to pay for the expenses. These kids threaten to sue them. That's why they can't do anything about gang violence, destruction to property, etc. They will not ever be able to be police again. Period.They told me to take a loss on my place and move. They also said I probably shouldn't leave my place unless I'm in a car until I move.

    September 25, 2008 10:24 PM