Thursday, September 18, 2008

Craving Pizza? Call Godfather's

Longtime Uptowners know where to get a good slice of pizza. "Godfather's Famous Pizza" at Wilson and Malden is the place to go. We love their pizza and you can't go wrong with their jalapeno poppers or chicken dinners. Check out their menu here. They also have a nice outdoor seating area if you want to enjoy the last remaining official days of summer. You can dine in, carryout or have your food delivered. Call 773-529-8509 to place an order.


  1. I know there is a "Godfather's Pizza" chain but have always been confused as to whether this particular store is part of it.

    Whatever...great pizza that you "can't refuse!"

  2. Not sure what other pizza places you visit...but I must say this is one of the worst places in the city. The only thing they have going for them is outdoor seating and price.

  3. Always good for a slice after the walk back from Carol's! But anything is good at that point.

  4. Ok, positives. They just fixed up the inside and looks great. New lettering on the windows as well. They are affordable.

    Ok, negatives. I haven't ordered here in over three years and I live close. The food was subpar, the fries always were undercooked. They used to bait and switch flyers and with different addresses so I would order and the receipt would then say "The Godfather". They also allow some of the riffraff to hang out on there patio.

    Last, fix that damn exhaust fan. I cringe every time I get pelted with that walking down Wilson. Does it have to blow my hair back and make me smell of food the rest of the day?

  5. I've only eaten their pizza and thought it was good. If I want something other than pizza I usually go to something other than a pizza restaurant.

  6. For you G F lovers, you don't want to see the kitchen-back door often open.
    Let's not let UU loose focus. Let's stay on the improve Uptown rather than where we should order pizza.

  7. Is House of Ribs still operating out of the Godfathers storefront? And what's the deal there. Are they owned by the same people?

    I'm a Gigio's man myself, but am interested in how Godfathers pizza compares.

  8. Let's not let UU loose focus. Let's stay on the improve Uptown rather than where we should order pizza.

    Can there be no levity? Must everything be a life and death struggle with the forces of evil?

    Sometimes people just need a fresh slice and a beer, and its good to know where to make that happen.

  9. to answer the first comment by Gayle, that place is definitely NOT part of The Godfather's chain of pizza places (which I grew up on).

  10. Can there be no levity?


    Must everything be a life and death struggle with the forces of evil?


    In Uptown, you are literally fighting for your lives. That being said, I'm always on the lookout for a great piece of 'za.

    You can't fight the forces of evil on an empty stomach.

  11. "In Uptown, you are literally fighting for your lives."

    Seriously, if you take life or yourself that serious then it is time to step away. We debate topics on here daily regarding political issues. That being said you need to step away if only for a minute and enjoy life regardless of the situation. Im as uptight and pissed as they come, but even i need to let go and enjoy the mundane.

  12. Maybe we can get a discount if we wear our UU T-shirt!

  13. Ray - in that case how do they get away with it? Most chain businesses (like a certain Mc)will "encourage" owners of local businesses with the same name to change it.

    BTW I wouldn't especially want to see the inner workings of ANY restaurant, even the gourmet joints. Not after reading "Kitchen Confidential."

    Sometimes igorance IS bliss.

  14. Let's not let UU loose focus. Let's stay on the improve Uptown rather than where we should order pizza.

    Can it be argued that trying to boost a local business IS improving Uptown? I mean the more law-abiding citizens (aka "non-loitering potential gangbangers") frequent this place, the more likely the owners are to make sure they don't lose those customers and do things like spruce the place up, scoot away the hang-abouts, etc. Hey, it could happen...

  15. Most chain businesses (like a certain Mc)will "encourage" owners of local businesses with the same name to change it.

    (Instantly thought of the "McDowell's" running joke in the movie "Coming To America")

  16. Chipperoo:

    You silly boy.

    When I juxtapose an extreme viewpoint followed by "but I'm feeling rumbley in my tumbley", you have to take it all with a grain of salt.

    On the other hand, there's been a few murders in the hood recently.

    I think there is an Army surplus-y type of store on B'Way. Maybe they sell kevlar and helmets.

    You can pop by on your way to get that 'za.

  17. Gayle,

    The can get away with it because "Godfather's Pizza" chain is not a huge chain. And how would they ever find out about this little place on Wilson? Not very likely. Plus, this little hole in the wall does have a slightly different name.

    I dont know about anyone else, but the place looks like a dive and I'm not brave enough to try their food. Too many truely great pizza places in Chicago to settle some place where it looks like the roaches can let themselves in at any time. Just my feeling and opinion, but I will state that I have never actually tried it.

  18. Wow, there's a lot of comments, that I haven't read yet, but I've mentioned to the Godfather's manager, that there are always at least 2 or 3 panhandlers
    at this corner. There's always an angry wheelchair bound man demanding money or 'help'.

  19. Stark that is the wheelchair man with one leg. A few of them hang there. I was pissed one day I had my kid walk up and give him a dollar, then 1 hour later I saw him and his buddy smoking crack in the alley. Almost daily they smoke crack in the alley between Malden and Beacon around the 4550 block.

    Please DO NOT give the black guy with one leg in a wheel chair on Wilson (Around Malden & Magnolia) money. He buys crack with it.

    True Story.

  20. Chip, I hate your politics, but little bits of info like that make my day! I just walked by that grumpy crack-smoking wheelchair guy today (I think it was him) right outside Godfathers.

    It reminds me of a couple weeks ago when walking into Jewel I overheard a panhandler promising a mark that she was going to use that dollar to buy some food. When I walked out ten minutes I overheard the same panhandler arguing with a buddy about how they were going to divvy up the beer.

    NEVER give to panhandlers. Stick to charitable organizations.

  21.'re right.

    One day, he asked for money, and I pointed to my watch and said 'I'm late, sorry', and he almost jumped up and screamed 'what the F#*@ does that mean....go to H@)*!'

    I walked by an hour later, and he tried the same thing.

    It's coming down to 'how can I avoid trouble' on my walks home to Malden. I find myself mentally planning out what trouble spots to avoid, on a simple walk home.

  22. Christie Hahn's statement that Uptown businesses can't succeed in an environment that includes the "everyday harassment of their patrons" rings true.

    When I worked second shift, I'd do my shopping after work at 24-hour places. I very quickly learned which ones allowed panhandlers to harass people in their parking lots, and which ones had strict policies forbidding it on their property.

    I came to think of it as the "night tax" -- if you shop late at night, you have to run the gauntlet of people begging for money. I decided I wasn't going to pay the "night tax" any more and only shopped at places that didn't allow it on their properties.

    I also wrote to the corporate offices of the businesses that did allow panhandling and explained to them exactly why I was shopping at their competition.

    I'm getting seriously sick of the harassment we all experience every day just walking around our community.

  23. "Chip, I hate your politics"

    That made me laugh, thank you. My best friends in Uptown are Dems. I love them and would do anything for them and they would do the same for me. We seem (Im guilty) to fight over differnces, but I find we all have more in common.

    Im Libertarian by the way. Not the crazy Ron Paul kind more like the Larry Elder type.

    Crack is wack!

  24. YES.
    It's common sense to avoid shopping....even passing by....shops that 'harbor' crazy and/or overtly aggressive panhandlers.
    Once again, Shiller seems to say it's 'OK' to fill the Uptown streets with crazies or near-criminals.

    I just want to walk around, and not be on edge all the time!

  25. I try my hardest not to let panhandlers, aggressive or otherwise, dictate where I go and where I shop. Yeah, it's a hassle, but I've learned to either A) ignore them or B) yell back. I'm not a little guy so when i walk back with a "what did you say?", they tend to shut up a little. But everyone has to decided their own course of action. Of course it would be better if you didn't have to deal with this at all...

  26. I also feel that I shouldn't let others scare me away or dictate where I go - I often talk back too and find that that usually surprises them and shuts them up.  However, I have been chastened by the incident from a few weeks back where a woman yelled back at two panhandlers and they beat her into a coma.  Granted, she was obnoxious and told them to "get a job" but still.  Need to be careful.