Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Community Alert: Wanted For Attempt Kidnapping

(click the image to enlarge for more details)


  1. I know PB that is what i thought!

    2 beefs with this....

    1. No way that face matches a 5'7" 230lbs man. White guys get fat faces first. I know.
    2. Why is a 9 year old walking alone by Wilson and Broadway?

  2. Chip-
    You caught this post in the two seconds PB comments were up. But you raise good points.

  3. Sorry UU. His post made me laugh. I was thinking it, I just didn't post it.

    Also by no means does my post excuse the behavior of a sexual predetor. I find them to be the worst criminals of all.

  4. It's John Locke from "Lost"!

    They must've moved the island to Lake Michigan.