Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

Here is a report from November 2005 about our very own Uplift School on Wilson.

Our favorite part of the article regarding Alderman Shiller:

“Her reputation contrasts sharply with many of her colleagues on the City Council.
While some have welcomed developers into their communities with hugs and tax breaks, Shiller offered them a guarded stare. To developers she was a devil who kept winning elections; to affordable housing advocates she was an angel, albeit a tough one.”

Wonder if they know where she gets most of her campaign money?


  1. It's the Robin Hood story all over again, but in a different context.

    And, as usual for the Alderbeast, the ends always justify the means. Unfortunately for her, I think Target has caught on to the scheme.

    Not to worry, though. She's got McJunkin in her back pocket, and if Target doesn't want to play ball with low income housing, she'll just move it north one block.

  2. I do love the Welcome back Mr. Kotter like picture.

    Too funny stock photos.

  3. Chip, hon, it's not a stock photo.

    It's an actual Uplift student and teacher.

    "Social studies teacher John Yolich, right, quizzes Uplift Community School student Martino Dickson about neighborhood politics. [Photo by John Booz]"

  4. OMG My bad..In all fairness UU does put together some good headline photos, maybe to good seeing I can't tell them apart.

    My apologies to Gabe Kaplin.