Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Target Slows Store Expansion Pace

What could this mean for our "done deal" of a Target at Wilson Yard? Read about it here.


  1. Perfect this will now be Helen's excuse why Target isn't coming to WY and she will tell everyone it's the economy and not admit they were never coming and they never had a letter of intent in the first place.

    These crooks in Crook county are some lucky people.

    Time to slow the expansion of WY!

  2. A failed Wilson Yard by the time the next election rolls around will further drive home the point that Helen is incompetent.

  3. People, Target is not coming. This is a just a lie to make the purchase of condos in Uptown attractive to prospective home buyers. I will believe it when I see it. Until then, I am going on the assumption that either 1) the commercial space will be left empty for years or 2) it will end up being a Dollar Store. No decent retailer will want to set up shop in a building that will attract crime and drug dealing as the WY is sure to do if things go ahead as planned. So sad. I feel really conned about the Target thing.

  4. matryushka,

    I thought it was no target - no project. Has that changed to allow for an empty space to be built?


  5. From the article: "the slower pace reflects a soft economic environment as well as challenges among the company's outside real estate development partners who have experienced hurdles in obtaining funding or filling in space in some mall projects that were expected to open in 2009."

    Sounds to me like Holsten might be between a rock and a hard place. Isn't the city not supposed to give him the rest of the money until he really breaks ground? Yet, in order to really break ground he has got to get a firm commitment from Target which may be a little leary of the project anyway and also wanting to see a better overall deal. Everyone else backed out and all that is left is the City of Chicago which has a $420 million deficit to deal with and Holsten who may be suffering a bit from the credit crunch.

    Of course, I am no real estate developer. Anyone out there who works in the business want to weigh in because no one has ever really explained to me why this project should be appealing to a big box retailer other than proximity to high $$ households (which they are probably getting at Peterson anyway) and perhaps a steal of a piece of real estate. Please enlighten me!!!

  6. Saskia, can you please run for Alderman?

    You are always on the beam!

    I would vote for you for sure!

  7. time to donate to fix wilson yard for me!

  8. Folks, Helen has dangled Target like a worm over a hungry fish since the get-go. If you ever thought Target was coming to Wilson Yard, then you're more gullible than you thought...her ONLY goal has been to build lots of very low income housing and have it be paid for by the chumps who bought condos around W.Y. Saying that Target is part of the project or that theaters were part of the project was just bait to get all of you to shut up and look the other way while she dug the last crumbs out of the cookie jar to pay for her ever-lasting Helen Shiller Very Low Income Residential Towers...with those built, she could walk away, saying there's no MONEY to build lousy COMMERCIAL development--with a straight face, while laughing with her highly-professional staff at how stupid we all were. Have you ever known her to NOT lie through her teeth about something that would truly benefit everyone in the neighborhood?

  9. Not to disagree about the skepticism of Target (cause I too am skeptical), but Crain's Chicago Business talked about the slow down in developments back in May/June, so this isn't exactly new. For Target, they mentioned several specific projects that would be put on hold, but Wilson Yard was not one of them.

  10. the ground floor will be more social service organizations for Uptown that will be poorly managed as is everyone in this ward

    Step up give money to Fix Wilson Yard!

  11. sneki-

    "For Target, they mentioned several specific projects that would be put on hold, but Wilson Yard was not one of them."

    the reason WY wasn't mentioned is because it was never a project.

  12. Target not being "a project" is a possibility, though this was on the heals of Target announcing they had entered into negotiations on Wilson Yard (which apparently have still not produced a LOI or agreement).

    Again, not trying say I believe it's going to happen, just trying to add to the fact base.

  13. What could this mean for our "done deal" of a Target at Wilson Yard?

    "Target told investors that it plans to open 70 to 75 stores in 2009, down from a pace of 90 to 95 stores in the current fiscal year."

    I would guess that if Target were planning a 25% cut-back in new store openings with respect to last year then the most vulnerable planned stores would be those that are closest to existing locations, and there's a Super Target 2 miles north of WY on Peterson.

  14. When I shop Target I go to Peterson. Anyone else? I find it easy to get to, nearby and convenient. I also do a lot of online shopping. Anyone else feel that, as a consumer living in this area, their needs are fulfilled for this category of shopping?

  15. Right before my girlfriend and I bought a condo here in Uptown, the sellers agent pushed the fact that:
    1. a Trader Joe's was going in where Just Tires is now.
    2. Target at Wilson Yard
    3. Potbelly's at the Uptown Broadway building.

    Now because I work in the web field I quickly looked for any info on these claims. I soon found out that they were all bogus and were being peddled to sell the Condo. To all those who based their purchase on them, I would find your agent and slap them in their dishonest little faces.

    Since I make less than half of what our local "leader" makes, my budget was at the bottom rung for a 2 bedroom condo. I was very worried about moving here (I had lived in Uptown 10 years ago). Why did we buy, well after looking at over 35 places in 2 months and actually getting outbid on our first choice this was the best place for our money and our lifestyles.

    I am extremely happy with our choice but I will admit that I always felt we took a massive gamble. I am the kind of person who rarely makes any purchases without researching them to death. So I don't understand why some people move here and are so clueless to what is going on in this ward.

    In the year I have lived here I have never seen Helen. NOT ONCE! Not in her office, not at meetings, even meetings she is at I can't see her. She is like a ghost. When I lived in Lakeview I ran into Schulter several times.

    I always knew Target was not coming. Every time I shop at Target I always end up with more crap than I can carry in one trip so walking to one is pointless. Getting to the Peterson store is a breeze, Clark to Ridge to Peterson and back. No other Target in Chicago is as easy to get to. The only good a target would do in Uptown is open up more jobs for teens, single parents, and the elderly. If WY was properly planned it would have acted as an anchor for other productive businesses but we all know that was never the intention.

    I am so god damn sick of corruption greed and lies. I am sick of people who terrorize others because it is easier than doing the right thing and being a positive soul. I am sick of people who are so uncomfortable with themselves that they have to inflict harm on others to feel good. I am sick of those in power who are nothing more than parasites.

    Is there an ointment for that? Maybe Target caries it.

  16. I don't think Target is even what this neighborhood needs, I am more interested in getting a Trader Joe's in Wilson Yard, and a Walgreens. I am trying to see how to get Trader Joe's interested, and maybe looking into petitioning them. It is the perfect location for TJ's.

  17. The whopper is when Helen told the 2003 debate audience that a store "like Crate and Barrel" could go into Wilson Yard.

    And she said it with a straight face.