Friday, August 22, 2008

Remember Folks, No Dogs

The yet to be opened "Stewart School Campus Park" has signs posted near both entrances announcing the fact that the park closes at 9pm. Who wants to wager that this won't be enforced? Also, check out the fact that both entrances (one shown below) have no gate, just pylons to keep cars from entering. The Sunnyside entrance is just steps away from the public drinking hot spot. We hope something will be added to make this park more secure. Those pylons will do nothing to keep loiterers and drinkers out of the park.


  1. so, suppose there were a gate - who do you imagine would close & lock it each night at 9PM? you want the school to keep a facilities staff person around on a 2nd shift?

  2. I passed by there about a week ago, and the street drinking party was back on in full force. I noticed a police cruiser passing by, and stopped to see what might happen. Nothing.

  3. What this neighborhood needs is more foot patrol officers. I've noticed fewer squad cars than last summer, but driving around - or right past - groups like this doesn't do much.

    Foot patrol officers would become a part of the community. Make law enforcement more accessible and in general create an ongoing, deterring presence. In theory of course.

    Many of the problems in the neighborhood have been identified and discussed extensively.What solutions can we as a community come up with?