Thursday, August 21, 2008

Progress In Clean-Up Of Wilson Men's Hotel

By Lorraine Swanson, Editor, News-Star

An attorney for Chicago's Corporation Counsel told a housing court judge in an Aug. 14 hearing that work to resolve 44 building code violations at the Wilson Men's Hotel is "working along nicely."

"Compliance work is in progress," city attorney Judy Devers told Cook County Circuit Court Judge Sebastian Patti. "As far as the drug and gang house issues, we're planning a meeting with the city."

Jay Bomberg, president of Bomberg Property Management, and his attorney, Gary Wigoda, appeared before Patti in housing court on Aug. 14 to update the judge on efforts to bring the hotel in compliance with the city's building code. Bomberg bought the building at 1124 W. Wilson Ave. last September.
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  1. That's a bit disingenuous for Mr. Bomberg to say anything about what the judge decided. I was there as a court advocate. The attorneys, Corp. counsel and Mr. Bomberg's attorney agreed that a December date was good for them to complete the repairs in order to achieve compliance. Judge Patti asked if that would resolve the case at that time. Nothing more.

    Mr. Bomberg was cooperative and friendly enough to the three of us who were there. He has shown himself to be a good neighbor.

  2. It seems he is trying to clean up the Wilson Men’s Hotel, but we as a community need to stay on him about it. I walked past there on Tuesday evening just before 7pm. There were about 10 men hanging out on the sidewalk outside the front door. Mr. Bomberg needs to be made aware that we are continuing to watch what happens there. The actions of his residents will determine how effective any changes he has made are. My wife was also at the last court hearing and when she told the city attorney about an attack we witnessed across the street by two men who quickly returned to the Hotel, he did not appear to be very happy she mentioned it. Change happens slowly so he needs time to work on it, but I fear if he does not hear from the community he will again let things slide.

  3. I agree that we need to keep active. I remember Mr. Bomberg's response or lack thereof to the question. He IS cleaning up his property but he is avoiding any responsibility for what happens outside his place, involving his residents or not. Not that has has any responsibility for that but as a business owner and member of chamber, he should seek to clean up the stretch around his hotel to promote the business/retail.