Sunday, August 10, 2008

Produce Market Coming At Clark And Wilson

We have heard that the owners of "Rayan's Liquors" at the corner of Clark and Wilson are planning to open up a fresh produce market in the former spot of "Rayan's Eatery." Workers have been replacing the brick along the top perimeter of the building. This will be a welcome addition to Sheridan Park. There is also activity just across the street in the spot of the former currency exchange. Has anyone heard what is planned for that location?


  1. Wilson and Clark seems to be one of the few 'sane' corners in Uptown, in terms of lack of random crime.
    Just an observation, not an informed statement.

    So....GREAT! This will be a nice addition!

    On an unrelated note.....I was glad to see that Graceland Cemetary quickly covered up the new tagging, on the Montrose facing wall.
    I called their office the minute I saw it, which is something I'm committed to do now.

  2. This could be great.

    I've never had anything but positive experiences with Rayan, his family, and other employees.

  3. Now when I pick up beer I can tell my wife I was produce shopping. Cool.

  4. Just as long as they keep their liquor store open!

  5. The Staples has been tagged by the Latin Kings.

    Wilson and Clark may be safe right now, but the gangs are stepping on eachother's toes. It's only a matter of time until the other gangs cross the line to challenge the LK's on their turf.

  6. The Staples has been tagged by the Latin Kings.

    This has been going on for over a year. The Latin Kings own everything west of Clark, and as far as I know, there isn't much of a challenge. If you've been west of clark then you can attest to its distinctly Latin Vibe. And if you go east of clark, there is a much more black vibe, hence the black gangs.

  7. Gang territories aside, this is a welcome addition since there are very few places to get good fresh produce in Uptown and the Farmer's Market is rather sad.

    Maybe these guys would feel less violent if they had a balanced diet including lots of fresh produce!

  8. stop in and talk to them about this. my husband and i were in there about a week ago and asked and it seemed as though they were having trouble getting permits and such. the girl (owner's daughter) said it had something to do with the alderman.... shocker..... its not schiller this time. the construction that's going on is a reroofing project, and my impression was, it had nothing to do with the market.

    if anyone goes in to inquire, find out of there's anything that residents can do for them to help. she didn't seem to know. but her dad might.