Friday, August 22, 2008

The Plywood Has Come Down!

The plywood that has been covering two entrances to the upcoming Bank of America in the Riv building has been removed. We can only assume that opening day is imminent.


  1. Well I can't sleep so I guess I will yet again make a silly statement for all the world to read and snub.

    When I first moved here I would walk by this corner and pray someone would do something that made it look a little less post nuclear apocalypse. Does anyone have any photos of what that corner looked like with the mold stained newspaper windows and rusted scaffolding before the rehab?

    Yeah yeah, another bank. I agree that I would have liked to see a business where I could give them money and get a service in return without feeling like I was getting screwed, but I will take this awesome beautification over the rat infested hollow it once was any day.

    This building is pretty damn impressive looking, I might actually open an account. I can always use anther bank to store my naked lady internet site funds. Um........I think I have been reading the Irish Pirates site too much.

    I remember a time which finding naked people pictures on the web was a true art form. Now adays you type in an innocent word in Google and you just might get your rocks off........but I digress.

    Here's to the new bank card in my wallet which I swear I will never use but will create screams from my special lady friend as she reads the monthly statement.

  2. U dareth useth my nameth in vaineth.!!

    Now as to this naked lady stuff please enlighten me.

    Are you suggesting there is filth and porn on the internet?

    If so I must investigate.

  3. OH as for the looks very good. I am happy to see it renovated.

  4. Butternut. This won't help with naked lady access, but it *is* a photo of the building as it looked before BofA got its hands on the property.

    Riv Gets Windows

  5. Hey Irish, we should do lunch. I will show you my dirty website if you show me yours. Hehe.

    This is way off topic, but, has anyone else noticed how cable is starting to show rated R movies completely uncensored? We were watching Point of No Return the other day and when I heard the F word in all it's glory, I looked at my girlfriend with a child like grin. Soon after there was a topless lady scene, it warmed my heart.

    My parents always raised me to respect our naked selves but for some reason our culture wants us to be ashamed of nudity yet embrace extreme violence. And we wonder why we have people shooting at each other in broad daylight.

  6. Perhaps we could have naked gunfights in the street.

    I avoid that kind of gunfight though. I might trip on something as I was running nakedly away.

  7. Did anyone read the article in the Reader about BoA trying to force the pancake house to share or give up it's parking lot? They had the city all over their backs, tried to force them out any way they could.

  8. No, but I read an article on UPTOWN UPDATE about that incident! :)