Friday, August 1, 2008

Block Club University Saturday At Truman College

Just a reminder that Block Club University will be in Uptown on Saturday morning, from 10:30 a.m. 'til noon. It's a good, and nearby, way to make contact with other block clubs and learn what they're doing to address some of the issues, both positive and negative, that we're experiencing in our own back yards (literally).

Build on the momentum of the Town Hall meeting and help build a strong Uptown, block club by block club. Click here for details.


  1. Block clubs are the building block for healthy communities. It takes active members to turn a neighborhood around.

    Our block club, GWNA, is suffering from OEV, Overworked-exhausted volunteers.

    We want to re-energize GWNA. This requires: New members, new board members, and new ideas for community improvements--safety is at the top of list.

    So go to and sign up for meeting notices, offer to volunteer, start now.

    GWNA's boundaries run from Broadway to Beacon, Montrose to Wilson. The notorius Wilson Yard project, the gangs-are-us Sunnyside Mall, the Truman Parking Garage sure could use your time and attention.

  2. I went to the event this morning and found it to be a great resource for anyone planning on getting more involved in our community. Thanks to the Commander and all of the additional people from the assorted City Services.